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scared, should i eat?

:wave_cry:Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone could offer some advice?
i went to a dog show today (had eaten 1 milkshake and 1 nut bar) I had drank plenty of water. I stood up to walk to a marquee and had a funny turn.
I couldn't see (like a headrush) for quite a few seconds and my body strated to wobble and shake. My legs felt like they were going to give way and i was staggering to try to stay upright.
I eventually settled down but it's worried me a bit.
Everytime i stand up my vision goes all white and sparkly and i feel a little dizzy but haven't worried too much as it only lasts a few seconds but this 'do' today was horrible.
Has anyone had similar? Should i eat something, would this help?
Sorry to go on!
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That happens now and again, and it was particularly warm yesterday.

Just be sure you are getting all your water in. I experience many episodes like that - I just held on to something till it passed, and learned to get up slowly, etc., so as not to bring on a dizzy spell. It comes and goes.

I wouldnt reccomend eating.
Dramatic (& may I say fantastic - well done you!) weightloss like you have had can ocassionally cause something called postural hypotension - it is usually temporary and is caused as your body readjusting your blood pressure to your present weight - it will eventually settle and I would advise getting up & down a little more carefully & slowly especially after bending.

As BL says - water intake is important too, but food tbh would make little or no difference :)


debs xx


Lovin it !!! :)
I used to get this also, as the others have said, just take it easy and make sure you get lots of fluids in especially when it is hot like it was yesterday - also - there is a virus going round which I had last year - like vertigo - feels like you are drunk with no alcohol - head can't keep up with vision and a feeling of nausea.
Hope you feel ok today - water water water

I agree with Debs

My usual Mantra - keep the water up.
I'm pretty certaim it;s because of the change in temperature. Try upping the water - and don't travel far from a loo!


Is back in the saddle!
Hi Sanna, I've had a couple of those early on. As the others have said you soon learn to do the stading turning thing with a little decorum!! (Especially mind getting out of a hot bath.)

Fitz, do you have anything more on this virus? I've been feeling 'drunk' since last Thursday and was going to go to the doctor tomorrow. You describe there exactly what I've been feeling apart from the wearing someone else's glasses bit.:rolleyes: It does feel quite a bit different to the woozy, fainting feeling of the postural hypotension, it's more concentrated behind and with the eyes. I feel like someones twanged a ruler with my eyeballs on!!

Wearing someone elses glasses can have a profound effect on your balance causing that kind of feeling.
Not a good idea Foxy. xxx


Is back in the saddle!
I don't actually wear them SB, it just feels like I am, the not quite focused bit.

Mind you I might need some after seeing your stunning new Avvi!! Cooo HOT Pink eh!!

xxxx. I never thought I'd be able to wear
SKINNY jeans. LOL !
Hope you feel better soon. Best go to the GP if you still feel the same tomorrow, be on the safe side. Or contact LL medical people.
Let us know how you get on xx
Hi there
I was getting this a lot - about week 13/14. i hadn't done milk week so decided, against my LLC advice, that i should do it.

I felt much better after doing it ( and also lost 2lb that week)

Ive been fine since - with the exception of last wed when i blacked out for a sec in the shower at the gym, but i had had nothing to eat, swam for 20 mins then been in a very hot jaccuzi spa - so that was really my fault!

I would really recommend doing a milk week - if i get like that again i will have milk even if i'm not due a milk week.

daisy x
xxxx. I never thought I'd be able to wear
SKINNY jeans. LOL !
Hope you feel better soon. Best go to the GP if you still feel the same tomorrow, be on the safe side. Or contact LL medical people.
Let us know how you get on xx
wit woooo! Look at you Pink Lady! You lookf FAB!!!!

Hi girls, thanks so much for the advice. I didn't do milk week and considered doing it this week but I have to eat next monday (wedding menu sampling to choose the food) so I thought I could hold out until then as I don't want to do both, I have lapsed once during the programme and thought that mt body would be used to it by now but as you say, my body is adjusting to being the new me!
Thanks again for the info x
when are you getting married?
daisy x

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