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scared to eat!!!!

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by emilyj, 2 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. emilyj

    emilyj Full Member

    So I'm a good way through my second week and so far feeling really into this, BUT I'm scared to have a meal ( or even add any veg ) I have had so many false starts to this diet and I will not let this be another one. The problem is I have to cook a birthday dinner for my mother in law tonight so I'm doing roast chicken and veg (veg that I can have) along with other stuff for everyone else so that I can join in and stay on the plan. I just feel like I'm breaking it in some way even though I'm not, but having just stuck to the packs so far I worry that I can trust myself. :confused:
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  3. Kayshakins

    Kayshakins Full Member

    I'm the same as you! I have my Aunties birthday meat at Jimmys in the 02, its all you can eat buffet and worst of all its actually amazing food (look at the website if you dare, I nearly ate my screen)

    I've told myself I'm only going to have chicken or fish and veg. If I DO cheat I have to do 2 bootcamp classes in the gym on Monday and Tuesday (hopefully that will scare me)

    Just remember why you're doing it I guess, all the same food will still be there when we are skinny and we will enjoy it more :)

    I don't come on here often but just felt like I should reply to this as I'm in the same situation. I might even take an unflattering picture of myself naked on my phone and keep looking at it throughout the meal if I feel to cheat. I sound so positive but I know there is carrot cake there...I can hear it calling me already. The worst thing about bad food is its only a few seconds of the taste and then its gone...its never really worth it.

    Anyway good luck, have a lovely dinner! You've done well so far just remember you can always start again if the worst does happen, don't beat yourself up about it too much. X
  4. emilyj

    emilyj Full Member

    thanks hun for the reply, its just so hard when you just dont trust yourself! It's not that I think I'm going to eat the things I shouldn't its more that I'm scared to eat ANY "real" food, it's almost like I think it might make me want other foods as well.x
  5. iwillbethinagain

    iwillbethinagain Silver Member

    nd get straight back on it, but this time, one meal (even an allowed meal) and I am straight off the wagon. When I re start I won't be having a morsel that doesn't come from a pack.
  6. sheepy19

    sheepy19 Full Member

    Know what you mean. I was 100% for 2wks and thought I'd have some food. BIG mistake! 3wks later i've still not got back on the wagon and have been gaining :( Going to really try and start tomorrow, but I'll be avoiding food! So if you're weak willed like me, avoid the food!
  7. Skinny girl

    Skinny girl Full Member

    I so could have written this, I am so scared to eat food, I have been on 4 packs a day for 4 months now, with no real food and the longer it goes on the more worried I am getting about ever being able to eat food again : ( I wish I had mixed around 4 packs and 3 packs and a meal earlier in the diet so that it would not be so daunting. So I think you are doing the best thing, good luck.
  8. floss

    floss Full Member

    Hello :)

    Stumbled upon this thread and just wanted to ask a question...when you all say you havn't had any food, is that because you're doing 4 packs a day rather than the meal? Can I ask why you chose that option? I'm currently deciding whether to do 3 or 4 a day and Im leaning towards 3 cost wise but the thought of not having to think about regular food at all sounds much simpler! I'm looking to lose 3 stone asap so would love your opinion!
  9. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    For my first 6 months I did 4 packs a day, no veg, no milk. This was a really useful time for me in reassessing my relationship with food. I always said I could lose the weight if I could give up food and that's what I felt I had done. For the last 4 months of my diet I moved to 3 packs and a protein meal (I also upped the calories to 800 a day). I felt like this was a slow way of reintroducing food and changing portion sizes and the type of food I ate. By the time it came to maintenance I wasn't scared of the food. I think it would be really tough to go from 4 packs back to eating food completely in a short period.
  10. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Silver Member

    Weasey how much did u lose over these two stages?
  11. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    I started on 27/7/11 at 19st4lb. I was on 4 packs no veg no milk until 9/2/12 when I weighed 12st5lb. I then moved to 3 packs plus protein meal and upped to 800 calories. I reached goal on 7/6/12 at 9st13lb.
  12. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Silver Member

    Wow.....what u eating now?
  13. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    I have food at the weekends, but am terrified to eat anything that has not been very carefully planned in advance. I am not at a place yet where I could go out for a meal.
  14. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    I now watch my calories and go up and down a bit in weight. I keep my carbs reasonably low and eat lots of protein and fats.
  15. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Silver Member

    its a worry that after losing will put it all back on

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  16. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    It's good that you're worried - it means that you're paying attention and recognise the problem. I think I will always struggle withh my weight - but now I struggle at the lower end rather than the higher one. Maintenance is a bit of trial and error as the solution is often very individual. Once I'd lost the weight I started to exercise really hard with personal trainers. I'm now physically really fit and building the muscle has also helped me to increase my metabolism. I also go through different eating approaches to see how they work for me. Most of the time I use MFP and stick to a calorie limit every day. I also use things like the Beck Diet Solution approach to help me keep the right attitude. Basically I use anything at might help!
  17. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Silver Member

    Some take being slim for granted. I used to be size 8 three years ago...I ate like a pig. Look where I am.....i was soooo stupid lol
  18. lisalollipop13909

    lisalollipop13909 Silver Member

    its a scary thought having to do it all again!

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  19. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    This scares me too because I nearly got to goal (1 stone away) when I did Cambridge I did the refeed and I just went back to old eating habits and now look at me I've gained it all back plus a stone. I'm determined to get this weight off again and I'm sure I will wait u til I'm at goal this time to do the refeed but this time I am having a meal every other day when I'm working and will gradually increase this when I'm at goal.

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