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Scotland/Northern England?

Hi all!

I was wondering - how many folks on this board are from Scotland or Northern England?

I was moaning about having to miss the March meetup in Birmingham, but maybe we should have a "northern" version? I can name at least 4 of us I know up here... anyone else?

Would any of the northern people be up to a meeting?
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No, not nearly enough. I lived in England for years, and was baffled at how many people I met who'd never been north of Watford...

Are you scared we'll throw haggis at you?

(Damn shame it's got so many carbs in it... yummy!!)
LO sera, my Family are Northern in origin, but I have never lived there. I used to spend some summers at my Gran's in St Helens when I was a lad though.
It would be nice if you could get a meet up your way though. :)
Im from northern england and marty and steve from scotland but we going to birmingham.
Sorry i wont be able to afford two! ;)
If it were just me, I'd go to Birmingham but trying to get someone to watch my kids is pretty tricky (my husband works away most of the time).

But I saw another Scotland member on the board today, and I know Flutter is in Aberdeen (I think?), and Julz and I hope to meet up soon... just thought we could plan something up here. Certainly don't want to take anything from the Brum event though!


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Well I am a committed southerner. I may have lived & worked around the world, but in the UK I consider everything north of watford "north" including brum! :D
In Scotland - But definately NOT scottish :p

Well, I'm not entirely Scottish either... I'm Canadian, but have been here for 12 years.

Would you be up for a gathering at some point?

I'm from FJ's neck of the woods - Tyne and Wear. I guess not far from LVLLT too! :hug99:

Yeah I also noticed that alot of you guys are from Scotland at the mo too! Is Atkins popular up there generally? I think its declined in popularity in England compared to a few years back. We're the future of Atkins! :D
I haven't found too many people up here (I mean, other than on this board) who've been on Atkins. Most people still look at me like I've got two heads when I admit to not eating bread and potatoes. Plus I think most Scots have an unbelieveable sweet tooth... the amount of sugar my inlaws can put down is amazing! The idea of a low carb diet goes against everything they know.

In 2003, I went to lunch with an amazing group of low-carbing people in London. There was about 25 of us, and some had travelled a fair distance to be there. It was a fantastic day out and I wish I'd kept up with more people from then.

It was from the Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Support board (they had a UK section) - still a good board, I believe (amazing resources in their "media" section) but I really like it here so I haven't been there in a while. I was low-carbing when Atkins died, and had so many people saying horrible things about how the diet killed him and how deceitful he was. All lies, of course.

I just checked and the UK section is very quiet, but there's some amazing recipes over there. Worth a look if you are stuck for ideas!
I was based briefly with a Scots Regiment on a course once Sera, all they seemed to eat was 'tatties and mince, and that was just for breakfast.
I've never quite understood the appeal of tatties and mince... it's kind of boring. I like tattie scones though, and square sausage. And steak pie with haggis on the side is glorious.

Still, I guess I can't talk because I'm Canadian, and would eat cold pizza for breakfast in a heartbeat :)
LOL, so how did a canuck end up in Scotland then Sera. :)

we are quite a cosmopolitan board, Susie is a Kiwi.


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First time I heard a Kiwi called cosmopolitan lol - thx Jimbo :D
And dont forget tablet. Oh how I love tablet.

Im not strictly from this board at the minute but would definitely be up for a meet up at some point. Any excuse for night out is always good for me.

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