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** Screwed on Head Sunday - Hour by Hour**


Anyone else up or you all having a lie in?

Yesterday went not bad, but as I was treating it as a "breaking in" day I'm not too fussed.

Today is first day of real head screwed on stuff. Going to try and not weigh myself for a while, as off to Campbeltown for 5 weeks soon and won't have access to scales, so if anything should break the scale habit it should be that!

Hope you're all having a good day and CD week so far!
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Morning !!!!!!!

I am blitzing ! House, ironing etc girls go back to school tomorrow, that's all sorted will make the packed lunches tonight.

Hubby making plum jam (went to Mum's yesterday and she gave us 100's !!!) Also he is going to make a chilli chutney.

Lots of green beans in the garden to use up, so planning on doing sausage and pots with green beans and gravy for tea. - Shake for me tho hehe !

I have had to put more clothes in the too big pile (my sister keeps visiting and the pile going down as she is on CD and now a 16) but I have had to put some 14's on there too !!!!

I have some ebay stuff to put on but don't think I will get time today, and no day off for me this week (working my wednesday day off for some flexi credit).

So a busy day in this house !!!!! Also have lots of new things for kids from a friend, but hubby going to add darts to the waistbands of all the jeans for DD2 who is teeny ! (I can't sew I am rubbish) !

Best get on, long day ahead !

Hope everyone has a brill day !

Lexie - I wish I could get out of the scale hopping habit hehe !
Good Morning Everyone!
Will have a blitz Tuesday night as I am still having my kitchen fitted at the moment and there are boxes everywhere.
Did go to the Launderette yesterday, my first time in one for about 20 years!
Today I will get my legs waxed and face threaded so that will take up some time.

Need to get my clothes sorted out too, so Charley you are my inspiration today! xx


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Lexie, Charley, Sunshine & Quizz! Good to see you posting again Lexie hon. I am trying to get my focus back so this thread is made for me! Hope you are good too Quizz, long time no speak!



Well so far so good, onto second shake and some puerh tea from Whittards.

Watching some Battlestar Galatica.
What I should be doing and what I'm actually doing are two different things today!

-Be packing for hols.... ummmm:rolleyes: problem with no clothes to speak of and enormous reluctance to buy new stuff! Lady B is sending me some things tomorrow... Thanks :D
-Be making soup for son for when I'm away...
-Be making sure all the washing and ironing is up to date!

Instead I AM;
trying to finish up my patchwork quilt so I can take it with me to do the binding (hand sewing!)
floating about on Minimins!! :eek::p
Taking the dog round the lake AGAIN!

The only thing I'm doing right is 810 100%!! and that's only because it's not a chore or time consuming.. or boring!!

Glad everyone is so industrious today, only wish I could have some of your get up and go... mine got up and went!!!


WILL be Slim!
afternoon everyone!

Hope everyone is still doing ok today1 :)

So far its not a typical sunday. My DH never usually works sundays and today he's doing 6am-3pm so we're had DD's friend from nursery round and i've made fruity muffins, puff quiches and cheese straws for their indoor picnic which went down wonderfully!
I'm not making carrot and corriander soup for DD&DH's dinner.

Just had a porridge as i'm trying to space out my packs more. Seems i'm doing SS+ a bit more now in preparation to going up to 810 in a couple of weeks. Not totally happy about it though so might have to rethink it.
Trying to drink loads of water, but keep getting distracted by my new found love of Peppermint tea!!! I could live on the stuff! lol

Got my friend coming over later...the one who never says or comments about my weight loss....and not seen her for a long time...will be nice to catch up but wonder how she will deal with me now being a size 10...i bet she wont "notice" lol! ;)



Had 3rd pack of today now. Oh dear. Looks like I'll be filling up on peppermint tea later on then.

Maybe a sneaky fourth pack, I'll see how it goes.

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