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Scrumpers diary the revenge !!!!

Im doing a diary to try and keep me on track....im only on day 2 but so far dont feel hungry ..though my biggest problem has always been boredom in the evenings when I tend to binge .....
so today ive had
B yogurt
L boiled egg and a yogurt
D chilli mince and a galette
dont feel hungry and will drink some more water as im not sure how much ive drank

Now I going to get the wii fit+ going have not been on it for months and im usually knackered by this time but I actually feel like I could do 20mins or so
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That's a good start but a boiled egg and a yoghurt is nowhere near enough for lunch. You have to eat!!! You'll actually loose more weight that way!
I know the kids were giving me grief at the time ...I have trouble with eggs that i could eat loads so i have to work out where to use them ..I made the galette with just the white tonight wasnt too bad
Ive a headache and aching joints tonight so I think something is happening


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Yes well said becca. I was never hungry when starting this and ketosis kicked in but then i sts for quite a while, the reason..........i didnt eat enough and your body goes into starvation mode and stores it rather that boots it out!
right menu today
B porridge made with water and a splash of skimmed milk then mixed a yogurt into it
L cold meats cottage cheese mini quiches
D steak and chicken bbq if weather holds out yogurt

sounds loads to me is that a bit better

cant believe I made the muffins this morning as im going to butlins tomorrow so wanted to take them with me the kids nicked 4 so they must be good going to try the quiches with salmon next
then I need to shop as ive run out of fromage frais yogurts and need meat for tea
apart from that im dragging the kids and the dog out on a walk


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Sounds delicious Tan x
late entry today , went to Butlins for a treat for the sons bd ....I was very good considering !!!

B white plus one yolk egg omlette cottage cheese and ham
L yogurt...muffins x3 this was whilst sat in burger king watching the others stuffing bugers and chips
D cold meats and cottage cheese and prawns

I went swimming for an hour aswell so not a bad day in all.
Afternoon all been busy so just got back home ...
Today is day 5 of pp ...now i feel fine on it and am not worried about doing another couple of days on it but should I confuse my body tomorrow and add veg mmmm will have to think.
My energy levels have definately gone upand im losing weight well my scales started me at 196 then iI went up after one day to 198 now this morning im down again to 194 so it is working ,will weigh on the wii tonight see what that says
Ive been cleaning a caravan for 3 hours in the sun so should have sweated off a bit I hope !!
So today so far I was up late so im running behind on food intake but im not hungry so theres a first ....
B white egg one yolk omlette and turkey
L yogurt and cold meat
T turkey escalopes with a fromage frais with spices sauce and a galette sounds alot but lunch wasnt
day6 pp
B boiled egg and a yogurt
L 2 egg white omelette and cold meat
D Galette and turkey escalopes fromage frais

may add a yogurt in as a snack
Still at the same weight but going to keep plodding on will do last pp day tomorrow then do 4/4 see how we go im a bit consitapted but wheat bran wont help me so will have to up the fybogel seeing the dr on friday will see if its affecting the diet dont think it will
Right of to do breakfast then for a walk down town to get some bits and pieces


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Dulcolax is quite good. I have actually found drinking diet ginger ale on a night has helped me out immensely on PP days. I dont know why!
lo shall put it on my shopping list I think my body is just sluggish
wondering if conning it with a few pv days from tomorrow will reshock it into loss ....i know that ive always had to virtually starve before it worked the last time ...im refusing to worry too much i will have a weekend off it on 20th August as im going to a festival im going to try to eat from the meat stalls ie chilli no nachos bolognaise sauce but i will be partaking in a fair few ciders !!!!! so im going to be good till then even the wedding on the 14th i will be good......


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To be honest, I think 5 x PPs is too much for most of us (attack aside), and that's why he now pushes the 1/1 alternance rather. I do 3PP / 4PV (with a twist) but three on the trot are guaranteed not to ("trot"! aaaaah I'm so funny!).

You really could add in a couple of snacks if you're hungry. We need to eat between 1 and 1.5g of pure protein per day and so you can eat far more than you actually are if you're hungry.

I'll be interested in hearing what your doctor thinks of the diet... most here just raise their eyebrows!


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Yes i was thinking about the docs too. If you just say low fat low carb.....


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Now that you've lost some weight, you can stare him in the eye with confidence and DARE him to say the wrong thing...

To be honest, most of us here know more about dieting than any GP I've ever met... and so any advice any member of the medical profession tries to give me re dieting is generally met with derision!
I never mention weight or diets to our Gps. I went once as I was having terrible trouble loosing weight after I had Emma, and I had been dieting (counting calories) and exercising for 18 months after I had her and had hardly lost anything, I asked for a thyroid function test , purely to rule it out, and she said just eat less and exercise more, I was furious, she was about 6' 2" tall and as thin as a rake, she made me feel like I wanted to have a thyroid problem so a pill could sort it. Bloody doctors


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My current GP gave me a diet sheet last year (at my request cos I was at the end of my tether, having stagnated for so long at 71K, 11 stone 2lbs). It turned out to be a photocopy of the Mayo diet, minus grapefruit, with a couple of meals skipped.

I rest my case, your honour! (prat!)
The dr here we only moved at easter doesntseem to care im overweight even with my asthma which got worse im actually going in to tell them im sick of taking the steriod inhaler (that could stall weight loss ) and the swimming is better for me than drugs

im sure i will get another dr that raises the eyebrows !!!
Think i will try 3/4 next then take it from there got to find a happy medium somewhere we will get there in the end

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