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I've just started Exante this week and because I don't have a sweet tooth, I'm finding a couple of the soups quite sweet?
I know the booklet mentions you can season with salt and pepper but can you use white pepper or any other dried herbs or spices to make them a bit more savoury?
thanks kaka
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I'm sure you can as long as the seasonings are carb-free and sugar-free. I have only managed to stomach the tomato and basil by experimenting with Isis' suggestions for seasoning including curry and coriander.


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I use seasoning as Maka said. Never tried them in the shakes though :) But may be cool!

I read that you would have to eat tonnes of a lot of herbs and spices for them to add up to calories, so a sprinkle here and there does not seem to have harmed me at all :)


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Fab thanks, I've opted to only use no shakes and have a bar for brekkie and soups for the rest of the day as I prefer savoury so adding a bit of curry powder sounds right up my street, especially, as you say, for the tomato which tastes very sweet to me!
Thanks for the info and I'm feeling very inspired having read how you are doing so far!
I've used dried herbs and spices and also fresh herbs with no ill effects.

One of my faves is to add dried minced garlic to my mushroom soup, mmmm garlic mushrooms lol.

Also I have a grinder that I got in Sainsburys, it's a Jamie Oliver brand but don't let that put you off. It's sechzuan pepper, chill and ginger and it's fantastic in the tomato soup. Chilli powder or chilli flakes creep in sometimes too.

I've put fresh parsley, chives, coriander and basil in various soups over the last few months. Not huge amounts, just a handful roughly chopped usually.

Don't be afraid to experiment, just be a bit aware and if something disagrees with you, stalls your weightloss or knocks you out of ketosis don't use it again.


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You will be fine :) Your tastes change as you go along. I can add less of a sprinkle of spices in my soups now, as I have got used to them. Not sure if it will revert back after this refeed week though lol
I have a chinese spice grinder that i use in the Thai chicken (yummm), i use garlic in the mushroom, i like the veg with just pepper, and the tomato and basil i throw in anything i can get my hands on to make it more edible lol. xx


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I've got loads of spice grinders now and I love to sprinkle them on everything now. Much nicer than salt.

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