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second wekk 4th day not lost any weight!!!!!!


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Stick with it hun, not all losses are steady, you will probably drop quite a few pounds overnight. Mine were quite erratic, nothing for days then a sudden 3 - 4lb drop. Keep drinking the water, and keep focussed x x x


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Well done on your amazing loss last week!!!
There's a few things that come to mind, are you drinking plenty of water? Is it or coming up to time of the month (I'm presuming your female, sorry if your not!)? Sorry to be crude but do you need a poo? All of these can effect your weight loss. If you are feeling unhappy & disheartened contact your cdc and have a chat with her. Don't give up your doing fantastic and I know it's hard but try not to weigh yourself every day. Best of luck xx


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I'm the same as Cheryl...nothing for days and all of a sudden the scales show a 4 lb drop overnight.
Don't be discouraged...you will get to goal as long as you stick at it and dig deep during the tough times.
Good luck X


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Just echo what eclipse says really. I would advise:

1 Stop having midweek weigh-ins (I know it's tempting, but if you haven't lost weight they can ruin the week)
2 Carry on drinking lots of water (I cut out fizzy water)
3 Remember that there will be weeks that you won't have big losses, everyone has been there.

Good luck, you have done well so far!


Dizzy blonde
funny u say that i have started drinking fizzy water but i thought it was allowed ! thx for advice hun ill stop see what happens
I've no proof but I read that it contains sodium (salt) which causes water retention, so I'm taking no chances! I'm experimenting to see if it makes a difference.

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