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Secret Diary of a Serial Dieter

Right, this is it. NOW IS THE TIME. I figure if I am ever going to succeed at dieting this time round I need to write down what I'm doing and eating. Someone mentioned this helps and the fact that I'm putting it on line makes me want to do things the right way. So I thought I'd start my own little diary on here. Feel free to comment. Lets go....


Chewits (115 cals)
Leek and Potato Soup (canned) (250 cals)
Slim-a-soup (50 cals)
Chicken wrap (600 cals)
Banana (100 cals)


No alcohol last night (if you have read my other posts you will see I am a bugger for a good drink most nights). Hope I dont get withdrawl symptoms.

Day one done and today is so far so good. I'll report back tomorow.

Over and out xxx
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I find, if you want something sweet a packet of chewits does the job. Only 115 cals in a pack and if you suck them they last a while hehe.

hey, nice to meet you btw. You have lost so much weight. Well done. How did you do that? How long did it take?

Well, well done 86alpzzyj, you have done fantastically. I have always fancied trying atkins but does it not work out quite expensive with all the meat you have to eat? Is it east to stick to? I was going to give slimfast a go today but I tried it and do not like it at all. Plus I like actual solid food rather than replacement milkshakes. Much more satisfying.

Hi Truehoneybuns :) Welcome to my little diary hehe. I love sweets to. Anything thats bad for you I adore hehehe.

Well, I'll get down to business and note what I had yesterday:

DAY 2 (of week 1)

Meal replacement bar (220)
Chicken in tomato & basil sauce and a wrap (450)
Slim-a-soup (50)
Chicken with mushrooms, brocoli and noodles with a pitter bread (500)


Again, I didnt drink a touch of alcohol last night. Yey!

Well, I have to admit, yesterday was tough going. All I could think about was diving head first into a full on binge and opening a bottle of wine BUT I stayed strong. yey. I am soooo pleased with myself. So here goes yesterdays diary...

DAY 3 (Week 1)

Banana (100 cals)
Apple (50 cals)
Tinned Vedge Soup (200 cals)
2 x Plums (50 cals)
2 x Satsumas (60 cals)
Quavers (90 cals)
Chicken skewers and Salad (400 cals)
Fruit & Fibre (no milk) (200 cals)


I may give Atkins a go in the future 86alpzzyj :) I'm on Xenical at the moment so it's probally not the best idea haha.

Well, here we go with yesterdays food diary...

DAY 4 (Week 1)

Meal Replacement bar (220 cals)
Roasted pepper & tomato soup (300 cals)
2 x Satsumas (60 cals)
Chicken stir fry (500 cals)
2 x small glasses white wine (300)

TOTAL CALORIES (including my vino) = 1380

Not a bad day if I do say so myself, although did I really need the wine? Not really, but not too wory. Still better than my usual 35cl bottle of voddy!!!



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looks like you're doing really well! Keep up the good work :)
I've heard that there are drawbacks to atkins healthwise, like headaches and bad breath n stuff, maybe look into it before you try it?
Best wishes.
Hi everyone

First things first, lets get my food diary from the weekend out of the way...

Friday (Day 5, Week 1)

2 x Satsumas (40 cals)
Tuna Salad (200 cals)
Healthychoice Chocky Muffin desert (165 cals)
Chicken and Mushroom and a pitta bread (450 cals)
2 and a half small glasses white wine (375 cals)


Saturday (Day 6, Week 1)

Meal replacement bar (220 cals)
Chicken stirfry and pitta bread (450 cals)
Salmon with pesto and ratatouli (500 cals)
pineapple (70 cals)
Satsuma (30 cals)
4 x voddy & diet coke (400 cals)


Sunday (Day 7, week 1)

4 x Satsumas (80 cals)
Meal replacement bar (220 cals)
Chicken Kiev, potatos and salad (600 cals)
Fruit & fibre (no milk) (200 cals)
But then... 35cl Voddy & diet coke, 2 x packet scampi fries and half a carrot cake (when I say half I mean half a FULL cake). Grrrrr


Yes, as you can see, yesterday I was really struggeling and ended up falling off the wagon. I'm soooo dissapointed in myself. I feel like all the weeks hard work has been undone and I'm stressing out today. My first weigh in is tomorow night but i'm scared to get on the scales as I dont want to be dissapointed and lose my motivation. I'm hardly going to eat a thing today to try and cancel out last night.

How is everyone else getting on?

Well, I done myself proud yesterday and had mego low calories to make up for the binge fest that was Sunday. Here is what I had yesterday...

Day 1 (Week 2)

Meal replacement bar (220 cals)
Ratatouli (150 cals)
2 x Satsumas (40 cals)


Nowt dont be decieved, I did not manage that low amount of calories without a little help of my emergency appetite supressants. I know I shouldnt use them but I had to do something to make myself feel better from Sunday. I have used them extensivley in the past and lost loads of weight with them but I always gain it back plus a few stone so not using them full throttle anymore.

I'm starting the gym tonight and this time round I intend to lose weight the correct way :)

Over and out x
HAD MY FIRST WEIGH IN LAST NIGHT AND IN 1 WEEK I HAVE LOST 6.25LB. Wooooooopie. That takes my weight to 15st 1.45lb. I'm soooo pleased. Just need to keep up the good work.

Here is my food diary from yesterday...

DAY 2 (Week 2)

Pineapple (70 cals)
Chicken & brocili in white sauce and mash with steamed vedge (370)
Plum (30 cals)
Satsuma (30 cals)
Chicken & pesto with peppers stuffed with feta cheese (500 cals)


I also started the gym last night too although I did not do a huge amount - 25 min cardio and weights. Thinking I better start off slow and build myself up incase I do damage hehe.

6.25 pounds is amazing! Keep it up love!


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Heya hun, well done on the loss. I'm worried about your v. low calorie day though! It actually really doesn't help, if anything it makes your body go into emergency stock up mode.
It doesn't matter if you have a wee binge every now and then, you're still eating way more calories than you were before, which means that you will have a loss anyway.
Just stick to eating sensibly and doing a wee bit of exercise every now and then, you'll get there!
Don't forget, this has to be a sustainable change, it has to be something you can continue for the rest of your life. So try yes, but don't push yourself too hard, that's when you end up falling spectacularly off of the wagon anyway.
Best wishes hun.
Thanks Pink, you are right.

I bet you are all wondering where Ive been for the last week and a half? Well, with the snow being so bad where I live my work was closed for a full week, hence to internet access for me. Ive felt lost without you all.

Had my second weigh in last week and lost another 7lb. Yey! Then, I have just had my 3rd weigh in and lost 2lb. A tad disapointed but I knew I wouldnt have done as well as previous weeks as I wasnt as good due to being off work. Plus I drank loads this weekend. but its still a loss so thats all that matters.

I'll be back again tomorow to update you with my regular food diaries.

How is everyone else getting on?

Mondays Food Diary:

Slimfast Shake (220 cals)
Tuna salad and whomeal bread bun (400 cals)
Hula Hoops (150 cals)
Jelly sweets (200 cals)
3 Vodkas (300 cals)


I'm finding it harder and harder to keep going. I hate these hurdles. When its cold and dark opn a night I just want to pig out. I'm gonna try and stay stroing though. Dont want to undo my hard work so far.

Here goes yesterdays food diary...

TUESDAY (I'm on week 4)

Meal replacement bar (220 cals)
John West Morroccon Salmon light lunch and salad (300 cals)
Chicken and tomato pasta and salad (400 cals)
Vodka (150 cals) I MUST STOP DRINKING Grrrrrrrrr
Turkish Delight (180 cals)
Hula Hoops (150 cals)


I can see i'm starting to slip, the treats are becoming more and more prominent. Its sooooooo hard.

Argh man, I'm finding it harder and harder now!!! The days are starting to drag and I cant stop thinking about food. Also, I feel knackered and I have no motivation for anything. I think its alot to do with the time of year it is but I feel like I'm really struggeling. I havnt been to the gym again this week. I just cant face it when I finish work.

Annyhoo, heres my food diary for yesterday (Wednesday)...

Slimfast shake (220 cals)
Chicken and tomato pasta (350 cals)
Salmon and ratatouli (400 cals)
Turkish delight and some haribo jellies (350 cals)


I did get a little bottle of voddy last night but I stayed strong and did not drink it. I was so tired I was in bed and asleep by 8.30pm. Whats wrong with me?

Wot do you guys think? Am I being to hard on myself?

hey, your losses have been great! Well done hun!

I know how you feel about it being hard this time of year - im giving things a rest until january when im gonna go at it full throttle. its only three weeks away - why dont you just try and maintain your losses until then?

Can i just ask what appetite suppressent you use? I could do with something just to get me through afternoons as OH doesnt finish work till 8 so we dont eat till nearly 9! Are they legal?

Many thanks xxx
Hi Darling09, thank you :) The tablets I tak are called T5 and I get them from a website called spartan suppliments. They have ephedrine in I think wich is really not good for you and they give you the shakes, etc. They do supress your appetite though. I was adicted to somethiung similar years ago, and lost loads of weight, but you pile it on when you stop taking them so I only use them in emergencies now hehe.

Here we are, another day, so here is yesterdays food diary (Thursday, Week 4)

Slimfast Shake (220 cals)
Soup (300 cals)
Chicken breast and peppers stuffed with feta cheese (450 cals)
Options hot chocolate (50 cals)
Vodka (150 cals)


I hope I can be good this weekend ready for my weigh in on Sunday or Monday. Fingers crossed!


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