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seeing as we're all showing piccies i thought i'd show mine hehe

Aww thankyou....still a LONG way to go but even i can tell the difference in my face lol but that's always the first place i lose it although according to tape measure i'm 26inches smaller than i was 6weeks ago!!!!
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments :) xx
Nina, such a huge difference in your face, it's amazing and what a good looking girl you are!!

Aww Georgie thankyou, you made me blush now xx
Awww don't blush you really have lovely face, can't wait to see you in your wedding dress you will be a truly beautiful bride. Isn't this crazy journey just the best!

Thankyou :) I really do LOVE this diet and i cant wait to be slim and look gorgeous in my wedding dress, got my best friends wedding first in May so would like to be near goal by then which i know is doable...i think that's the biggest difference with this diet...you KNOW when you've had a great week it's gonna show on the scales and the weeks when it doesnt it's on there the following week i mean look how much weight you've lost in such a short time and the difference in you is utterly amazing, i hope you're gonna buy yourself something extra special for Christmas and show us another after pic coz it's just over 11weeks til xmas so u could be at goal!!!!!!! Wow that'd be a great christmas present!!!!!
Thanks Nina and that would be a brilliant idea for a thread at Christmas, all of us looking fab in our Christmas finery either as "in progress" or "at goal". Gonna start some internet window shopping. Did you see the Next advert, there was a lovely sequinned shift dress which I thought was gorgeous.



Wants to be a loser!
Well done lady - you have done so well and are looking fab :D.

I have just moved up to the 1000plan and noticed that you posted on another thread that is the plan you are on- now I know who to come to when I have questions ;)
That would be a great thread Georgie, not seen the dress you're on about but was in Next for the sale last week and theres some GORGEOUS stuff in there at the moment, i'm hoping to be a size 16 by Christmas so i'll look fab in a christmas dress and h2bs parents wont have seen me for over 6 months so that'll be interesting!!!!

Ruthlet, i'm actually on the 1200plan but it's more or less the same i just make sure i watch my portion size and ive been given a low fat low gi book which tells you the fat, gi and carb content of thousands of foods and ive got a low carb cook book and omg it's like eating in a restaurant every night....some nights ive really struggled to get all the kcals in coz i'm not hungry so good luck on it i'm sure you'll do great!!!

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