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Seeing doc Monday any tips?

Hi everyone, I am seeing my GP Monday so see if I can get xenical prescribed.

Any tips on what I should say to him. I know GP's have guidelines they need to follow and don't want to say the wrong thing.

Truth is I have been dieting for all of my adult life and tried every diet. I feel like I do need some help now as I am becoming bordering on obsessive!!!

Hope you can help x x
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hi ive just started on xenical today ive been on it before n lost just over a stone bt had family problems etc so i give up bt im back n for gd this time
well i first went to doc i was soo depressed bout my weight,ive had 3 kids n youngest is 2 next month n cant get rid of the 4 stone i put on with her,i orginally asked for a gastric band bt they sed no im not big enuf,i was 16 stone 8 then since then ive put on a stone bt if u just explain how crap u feel,u have tried every diet n need sumthing to help im sure they will give u them.gd luck let us no how u got on x:)
I know a lot of Drs will send you away for 4 weeks to lose some before they'll prescribe xen. I just came straight out & asked my Dr, showed her proof (my WW card) I'd been losing although not very quickly & she let me have it. I have to go back every 4 weeks though x
lexi is very right. my doctor wanted to see me doing it on my own at first before he prescribed me the tablets . i lost a stone on my own and then he was happy to prescribe these tablets. but saying that i know of people that have just walked into a doctors and they get them straight away. just depends on the GP i guess xx
Mine was the same I had to prove I was committed by losing on my own before they'd prescribe.

You don't tell us what you weigh now to know how overweight you are, that will be one of the biggest things in the GP deciding whether or not to prescribe you Xenical.
I agree, some doctors won't really prescribe xenical immediately. they would still prefer some natural ways first before resorting to these tabs. But don't worry, with much determination and discipline, i bet, you're gonna lose a lot of stones soon. ;)
Mine told me I had to go away and prove to him that I was loosing weight myself. I informed him that I had lost 6.5lbs on SW in the previous fortnight, and he said if I took my book in he would prescribe them. I got an appt the following day and took my book along and he prescribed them for me x
Ive just been and he was lovely. Really understanding.

I didn't get the prescriptoion today but I am going next wednesday so see the weight management nurse who will prescribe them. She said I will get 3 months worth and a diet plan to follow and can go at any time for support. I will have targets which she will go through at the appointment, 5% weight loss I think in the 3 months so thats about 13 pound I think. Gonna try and get a couple of pounds off before next wednesday, was 18 7 today on docs scales x x
im exactly 18 stone 7 too. at least the doctor is referring you to the nurse who then can prescribe it to you. did he say why he wasnt going to prescribe it to you today? yea u have to lose 5% in the 3 months to keep on the orlistat but trust me you will lose that in about 6 weeks . keep us updated with your progress will be nice to see how u get on x
He wouldn't prescribe it today because you have to be on the weight management programme. He gave me a lot of advice today but I think the nurse goes into a lot more detail.

So next wednesday I shall be joining you all......

I have a xmas night out on 9th december, a chinese banquet???? Might have to re-order off the main menu I think.....

The starter is chicken and sweetcorn soup ? not sure how fatty this would be.

Then duck and pancakes which I know is a definate no.

Then fried rice - No good with 6 different main courses, I will ring the restaurant and see if they cook with a lot of oil and might just stick with the banquet. It never seems really greasy,I have been before.

Any tips x
Great news mate! I lost my 5% in 4 weeks so it's not too hard if you eat sensibly. Chinese I'd say boiled rice & maybe some
Stir fried veggies. Sounds a bit boring I know but it's probably the most xen friendly x

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