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Self Improvement

Aside from doing the diet what others things are people doing to feel better about themselves.

From reading the posts and also how I feel I've started wanting to take more care of myself.

Some of things I've seen include:

Eyelash/brow tinting or perming
Fake tanning
Hair cuts/colours
Teeth whitening
Cosmetic surgery
Hair extensions
Stopping smoking
Stopping biting nails/getting nail extensions
Body massage with things like bio oil.

So far I've been using bio oil daily, had a fringe cut in, bought a slendertone (not arrived yet).

At goal, depending on what my boobs look like I'd consider a lift.

What are people doing now or have planned for when they're at goal?
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Slimming down the aisle
I'm totally with you on that, that I want to start taking care of myself more. I had my hair done a few days ago which was nice. I had considered trying a fake tan in the tanning salon and went once but thought it was a bit odd, didn't like it much! I just generally want to pay more attention to myself I guess, and just realising now that I'm worth it. Because I have to learn to love myself now then it doesn't matter how much weight I lose, I won't feel better about myself!


Silver Member
That's some list! I'm going to get some bio-oil , using coco butter just now and used my body brush for the first time in ages last night. I'm going to use some of my savings to get lovely clothes when I'm at goal and set aside some pennies for gym membership-if childcare allows (aka mum being available)!
I love having a tan but what bothers me about having a fake one is that you tend to wash your hands more often and I don't want to have a nice glow but white hands! and I know sunbeds aren't safe but they're quite appealing!

I really need to work at my self-esteem and confidence and think it would help if I had more of a social life!
Lol it is a long list - I'm not planning all that, just what I've heard people talking about.

Forgot about the clothes thing. I plan on doing a major shop at goal.

For me I guess the biggest thing is I want to be ultra fit more than anything else. As in, I'd like a 6 pack (but will settle for any kind of pack!!!), toned legs and toned arms. I'd like to be able to have more energy and be healthier, but I struggle to much energy wise on SS.

I guess when I move up the plans I can increase cardio and will just stick to toning for now.

Fake tanning isn't ideal, but the effects of sun beds put me off completely :) I also like the pale and interesting look, but would go and get a tan done before a holiday as a treat.

My last beach holiday was a disaster and I felt miserable, so I'm determined to make the most of the next one when I feel good!
I cut down my coffee from 10 cups a day to 4 cups of half caffeine + decaf. Nearly had a mental breakdown in the process but all worth it.
Not an image thing but I feel fresh for it and mentally good as I know i'm better without. :)
I definitely agree with spending more time looking after myself

when i get to goal i want an image change, change hair colour/style and basically just be like a new person.

i would also consider a breast uplift as afer breastfeeding my little girl i could definitely do with one - if finances allow lol

Michelle x


Silver Member
Since starting this diet I have started to really take care of my nails. I am using the Wii fit and using the yoga section daily. I am also consistently moisturising all over. These are all self improvement activities that I have previously started but have never been consistent with.

I would like to attend a real life yoga class, want to start swimming regularly again and perhaps take up running when I am much closer to goal.

The other area of self improvement for me is understanding the choices I make in food and drink, so that I can maintain a healthy weight for life.
Badger - I gave up caffeinated and struggled, but feel so much better too.
Michelle - it is like being a different person when the weight goes and it certainly helps to go ahead and do those things that you might not have done before.
Wales - I love yoga. I have an excellent yoga centre near me, but it costs £50pm (unlimited classes) which I can't justify at the moment. I try at home, but the benefit of classes is that they really push you that bit further. My back has been killing me since stopping.

Am thinking chiroprator costs about £50, so does yoga...(might use that as an excuse to start again lol)


Cambridge Consultant
I cant stop buying clothes............ I am having my hair cut on wednesday fancy a little change but not sure I will change it much..
Just feel like I want to be out all the time. and I love wearing all the things I am buying and feel good in them too... I used to buy things and not put them on .and now I buy things and the next day they are on me!!! Love it.. x
That's lovely Curly. I adore clothes and can't wait till I feel like that.


can see the end in sight!
Get my hair done and a makeover!! And a whole new wardrobe which will be gradual not all at once.. Expensive!
Wow, that's fantastic lancashire lass. Can't imagine doing any kind of race - I don't think I was made for running lol.

Where is lancs are you from? I was born in Burnley, although moved around too much to say that I'm from there :)
Seems like the clothes thing is quite popular. It could be expensive definitely. I quite like the idea of having a few hundred pounds though and blowing it all at once on all the things I wouldn't have normally worn.
on the running theme I'm going to do the great gorilla run when I'm at goal, always wanted to do a race and it's perfect for me, to dress up as a gorilla and run 4.5 miles to raise money for endangered mountain gorillas :) should help keep me on the straight and narrow when I'm maintaining too ;)

I would also like a makeover- new hairstyle, nice well-fitting clothes and a photoshoot to remind myself what I've achieved :) and as soon as I can afford it I would love to get my teeth whitened too, and possibly a tummy tuck and boob uplift!

On the way to goal, as well as feeling great as I shed the weight, I am treating myself to a nice outfit in each size as I shrink, so I can see the change in my body, and having lovely hot baths and pampering sessions :)
That's an admirable thing to do Sarah. I love gorillas :)


is back to finish the job
I've been on a self improvement kick the last 2 years. I changed my hair colour from blonde to dark brown, which compliments my skin tone better.

I wore braces on my teeth for 19 months to correct an overbite (I'm 36 btw).

I had a baby last May, so now it is time for the weight to come off. Feel that by the time I am back to work full time in September I am going to be a whole new person.

I can't wait to go shopping for clothes in my new size - a whole new range of shops will be available to me :)

I've got a hair appointment organised for next week, a facial arranged for two weeks after that, and I've still got a spa day to look forward to from my mother's day present :D:D I think I'll save the last one for 4 stone lost!

I try to moisturise my whole body after every shower, though sometimes that isn't possible.

I like to make an effort when I'm leaving the house so that I know I'm looking the best I can be. Because I'm worth it :p


Slimming down the aisle
I need to get braces but I'm scared of them! Been putting it off for years. I'm now 22 and if I keep doing it before I know I'll be 40 and still need them! I just am terrified of dentists!


is back to finish the job
I need to get braces but I'm scared of them! Been putting it off for years. I'm now 22 and if I keep doing it before I know I'll be 40 and still need them! I just am terrified of dentists!
Caroline I was the same, my front teeth over laped and the bottom teeth were crooked. I was scared of the dentist too which didn't help. My dentist first suggested braces when I was 15, but I didn't want them then as I was (I thought) overweight and wore national health glasses - so I really didn't need braces to add to my look. I let it slide, never smiling in photos, my self confidence was v low. Two years ago I was working 60 hour weeks at work and getting loads of overtime pay. I decided to put the money to good use and invest in me. Best thing I could've done IMHO. I love wearing red lipstick now and smiling all the time :) Go for it if you get the chance.

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