September (re) starting CD club!!

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
Hi all,

There seemed to be a couple of us starting or restarting CD this month so I thought we could set our own club up to keep each other going!!

Started SS at lunch time yesterday & found it really hard to be honest... I feel very bad at the moment, blinding hearache, nauseous, hungry, dizzy & hot & clod spells... finding it very hard to concentrate on work too...

How is anyone else feeling???

I started SS mid August. Was fine for 10 days, actually lost 2 stone which was a total shock to me.

I then thought, hey, ive lost 2 stone, have a small treat. Whoops, it all went wrong from there! a whole 10 days bingeing! Put a stone back on :-(((, but still a stone down from the start of my adventure!

I have now started back on SS and am now on day 2 of the re-start. So far so good. I think it is now or never for me.

Dont mean to rub it in, but I feel really good, dont suffer with the headaches or anything.

I have 4 stone to lose and want to do it by the end of October. I have picked up that water is KEY, and I usually drink about 6-8 litres a day.

Keep going, I know I will!
2 stone in 10 days???
Wow!! well done!!
I'm finding it really hard to actually drink that much water but trying to build up to it, am on around 2.5 litres a day at the moment...
Best of luck!
Hi Anna

Well i started on Aug 18th, so nearly september!!:)

I've had 2 weigh-ins so far & have lost 17lbs, going for my 3rd tomorrow night.

I have a huge amount to lose!! But its great to see it coming off quickly. Which i think is the only thing that has kept me going, i am finding this really miserable, i just think about food all the flippin time & its driving me nuts! I'm off on my hols in 3 weeks & i have decided that i am going to eat whilst away.

I am thinking of going on to the 790 plan because at least then i can have something to eat!!

The 1st few days are the hardest Anna, but it does get easier, its great when you don't feel hungry anymore! Even tho i'm not hungry I'm still craving food, not even naughty food just any food will do!

Would be nice to keep in touch & compare notes!

Lorraine xx
me too,

Im on day two!

Actually went to bed last night at 730 and just watched tv in my room.

Ive still got the headache but im hoping it will go soon.

Lets keep motivated, we CAN do it.

Its not the end of the world, and its not like we dont know what a mars bar tastes like or a roast dinner tastes like, and it wont be forever.

i find looking at before and after pics of successful CDers really inspiring

any other tips would be appreciated
Hi Doublemum- the more the merrier, I know we have all tried this on our own in the past (loosing weight-various methods) & for me for one it didn't work. I truely think that if I am going to do it this time then the only way will be with the help of the wonderful cyber-friends I have found here...

SO PLEASE KEEP POSTING & SUPPORTING EACH OTHER- I NEED IT SOOOOO MUCH & AM WILLING TO GIVE EVEN MORE- my one hope is that my own success story may be an inspiration to someone else one day...

Tracie- great to see you posting today too, sorry I meant to PM you this morning but damn work got in the way!!!

How are you feeling? I feel so bad today on day 2 but I really want to get over it... actually it's not even too bad here at work but it's at home when I find it so hard... how I didn't snack last night I'll never know!

Girls- I actually went home last night & packed all my food into a closeable cupboard & I plan to get a child lock for it!!! before I had it all out on display on a book-shelf type thing in my kitchen... I swear if it wasn't for DD I would get rid of every scrap of food in my house....
Thank God she eats full time at her creche, starting from this week, if I was preparing her food I don't know how I would do it....
It was bad enough making her a sandwich last night... don't know how I'll get through the weekends with having to prepare food for her, I'm thinking of asking my Mum to make a bit extra every night & freezing it for her at the weekends...

Why can't I stop thinking about food???

By the way- cappacino flavour- barf!!!
Oh ye- I also filled 2 bags up with all the food I have in the house that I don't want DD eating & my sister is coming over this evening to take it all away....
Started on Sunday. So have have felt - grumpy, sick, dizzy, angry (!), hungry, tired, but a little bit happy, that I've managed 3.5 days so far.

Have also been smelling (like right up to the plate) my hubbies dinner every night, so I think he thinks I'm going a little bit mad.

BUT it will be worth it! A girl I work with has lost 3st in 7 weeks - I'm hoping!

Also counting the days to the 1st October, when I can have a bit of chicken or something.

And I agree - the Cappucino is terrible, terrible.
Can I join too please?

Hi, I wonder if I can join you? I started CD in June and lost 38lbs. I got to within a stone of my target weight and then three weeks ago took a week off for a wedding, DH birthday and funeral. Now I'm really struggling and every day I swear this is my first day back and then find myself sat at the table having toast (ny sure how that happens!)
I really want to finish, I started with a BMI of 34 and its currently 28, I just want to get to 25 and stop and have a life that isn't dominated by my weight.

I knew when I stopped that it wasn't always easy restarting, but I never thought it would be this hard. On top of everything, I just couldn't get into the Discovery site when they redid it and am missing the support that hearing about other people's struggles and successes gives you.
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Hi Wobbly & Soraya!
Welcome to the September club!
I hope we can get through the tough times ahead with each others support... I know I need it anyway!!
Finishing day 2 now & it got slightly easier towards the evening... have a horrible taste in my mouth now, I wonder if I'm starting Ketosis?
Still feel hungry though....

Wobbly- well done for getting to 3.5 days now, is it starting to get easier??? Please tell me yes..I need the hope!!

Soraya- Congrats on the initial weight loss, that's fab, I'm sure if you did it once you can do it again.. keep at it & keep posting!!!

I know it's only day 2 for me but I feel so positive so far!!
It's starting to get easier yes - I still want to eat though - but it's not so much that I'm hungry, just habitual. And miss the flavours.

Strangely its harder at work, than it is at home, maybe due to the canteen, vending machines, and people constantly muching though!
Wobbly- that's strange cos I find it so much harder at home than work... just because I am home alone with my DD & I am a boreater (my new word invention- bored eater!!!) at work I can just hide behind my desk & stay on here all day while I pretend to work!!!
At home I have to prepare & encourage my DD to eat, she's only 3 & I have found food of hers in my hand on my lips without even knowing it... haven't eaten anything though!!
Day 3 for me today- I'm going to buy some ketostix today, if I know I am in ketosis I will be much more encouraged not to do anything stupid (like eat ha ha ha) don't want to be going through this again...
Good luck to all (re)starters today... in another few days we won't be (re)starters anymore...we'll be old hands... well not really!!
Can I join you please ??

Hi everyone - started CD on 19th August and seem to be doing OK so far :)

The first few days were really weird - and the reality that I will not be eating any food for a wee while started to kick in..BUT I'm pleased to say that in my first 2 weeks I have lost a stone !!

My third WI is on Saturday and I'm looking forward to another couple of pounds off - I feel sooo much better aleady, my clothes are looser and my knees and back aren't sore anymore....I get the odd headache but keeping my water intake to around 4 to 5 litres per day really seems to help.

Anyway - lovely to meet you all - and would love to part of the 'September club' - so that we can all help each other along the way....

Hope you all have a FAB day :D
Ooooooh girls,
count me in :D

Day 2 for me today, after so many day one's I've lost count!

Now that everyone is back at school, I can get back to my routine...

I have written out a 'contact' and have it stuck up in the kitchen, saying something like, ' I hereby commit to only having l.l and cd stuff, from today wednesday 6th sept, to Monday 23rd October, when I will review the situation!!' ( am going away for the half term week, so would like to loose at least 3 stones by then)

Hope the day is going ok for you all :p
Day 1

Hi Everyone,

For the first time I've managed to start drinking the water again and have nearly got through 2l. It is harder drinking when the weather isn't warm. It was a doddle to drink 6l in the hot weather.

Desptite that commet, I have decided not to keep comparing how easy it was last time. I've just read my diary from last time and realised that although I think the weight magically dropped away with no effort, in reality I resisted all sorts of things like a big family BBQ where I stuck to CD etc.

I'd just like to get to my target and feel that I have achieved my goal.

Good luck to everyone for today, Soraya
Hi everyone
I'm on day 12 and doing SS. Some days I'm finding it easier than others but I guess thats the same for everyone! I agree that being at home is harder than being at work because I associate being at home with picking so as I have a day off today after getting the kids off to school I took my dog out on a 3 mile walk and after 1 1/2 miles I decided to walk/jog the rst of the way home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This diet must definately do something to your energy levels!
Anyway other than the fact that I am now sweating like a pig I feel great and am looking forward to trying out the T&W muffin Mike suggested for lunch.
Have a great day everyone xx
Just had my first tetra brik... the chocolate one... can't say I was overly impressed... the first few sips were lovely but it got a bit thick & sickly towards the end... can't imagine how the vanilla one will taste... not great with overly sweet tastes.

I really like the packets so far though, I make them up in my bullet with loads of ice & double the water, chocolate & chocolate mint...mmmmm... haven't tried any of the other shakes except the cappacino one... really really awful.... I nearly barfed & it made me feel ill for the rest of the day..

I can see myself doing this more on the soups than anything, I actually feel like I'm eating something like having a meal when I have a soup whereas with the shakes I just feel like I'm having a drink/snack..

I'm really lucky though cos I get to have 4 packs a day as I'm over 5'8, cost more but it's worth it!!!

How is everyone doing so far?

Bluemoon- well done on 12 days & the jogging, how much have you lost so far, you're doing really well!!
Debz- from reading the blogs & diaries I really think the water is the key to this so if we can get that into us I really think we have a much greater chance of success!! Well done on the stone loss- can't wait to say the same myself!

Geri- great idea about the contract, I think I heard that on Dr. Phil once, I think he's really good, I got a few tips from him like the following;

Don't set yourself up for failure, get rid of all offending food, don't buy anything you can't eat & put it out of site... I thive to say it's really helped me!!
Hi Anna
10lbs down now and I can see that my stomach isn't so bloated. I think by seeing the weight come off so quickly it really helps to keep me on track. I can't look to far ahead at the moment because it scares me to think of how much I have to lose in order to get my BMI into the healthy range! So I'm just taking it a day at a time and every day I complete on SS is another acheivement!
As for the soups, I always make mine up in a jug with an egg whisk so it doesn't go all frothy then pour it into a bowl add some herbs and eat it with a spoon. It makes me feel a bit more normal and I can sit down to dinner with the family.
Have a great day xx
Day 3 for me today

ive normally given up by now when ive been restarting so im pleased i havent!!!!

I tested ketosis and its just turned pink, tomorrow it should def be in trace, it prob was today but id say it was inbetween neg and trace!!!

I really liked the oriental chilli soup.

I dumped boyfriend yesterday, felt abit sad but i know it was the right thing to do.

so, going well,
hoping to be 14 13 by the weekend!

Tracie xx