Serious question, women only!


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Hi everyone I started calorie counting last Monday and started the 30 day shred and the wii fit yesterday, i had a little breast pain(sudden pains) yesterday and today I had a few small sharp sudden pains in my right breast and then I had the same but much more sore in my left breast which happens a few hours before I done exercises but then happen half hour after I done the 30 day shred aswell. About a month ago is the only time I had ever had this pain before once in my right breast and came out of know where. Does any one else get this pain because of exercising or maybe even because they are dieting? Or is it just part of being overweight ? Don't know if it's something to worry about Thanks hope it makes sense
Hmmm. I wonder if maybe your sports bra isn't supportive enough? Is it still bothering you? I do get some aches in my chest when I overdo it with certain things whilst weightlifting. None of them sudden, though. Just that sort of achey, overused muscles sort of feeling.

If wearing a more supportive bra doesn't help and it's still happening, I'd definitely see your GP about it.
Is your sports bra supportive enough? maybe with all the jumping you might have pulled them a little bit.

i get terrible pains in my breasts about 2 weeks before my star week is due. Ive been to get checked out before because the pain is like a sharp stabbing pain but my doctor says it is quite common during the time of the month.

as the above post says, if it carries on i would go and get seen by your gp just to be on the safe side x
I have had the pain you describe too! Only a couple of times and not when exercising. If anyone does know what causes it I'd really like to know. I am overweight (of course!) but not so much that I would expect any chest pain when resting!!