Serves me right


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How did your body cope with the Christmas food ?
I decided that as i was "doing" Christmas for my family for the first time in 18 years, I wouldn't hold back and have all the lovely food i enjoy cooking. This included starters of mozzarello, smoked salmon and avocado, Mains ,Roast beef with thick red wine gravy, real yorkshire puddings, crispy crunchy roasties done in very hot fat. Red cabbage with apples made with butter, Christmas pudding with brandy butter and thick cornish cream. Followed off course by chocolate mints and later mince pies more chocolate and some crisps!!
Today I have been running to the loo every 30 minutes and my tummy shouting at me "NO MORE FATTY FOOD PLEEEEEAAAASSSE"
I am amazed how quickly your body adapts to eating a low fat diet (been on SW since May). I feel sluggish and am craving today for a bit of melon and perhaps some vegetable soup.:(
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Aww Rosie, so sorry that your body is responding like that. Your meal sounded fantastic but I guess your body is not used to such over indulgence. Never mind, just eat what you feel you want to today and you will be as right as rain in no time ((hugs))

My body is fine today but I did not have too much rich stuff, too much wine though!!... back on track today.


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I did not go too OTT yesterday but felt rubbish by last night cos of all the rich food. still had some quality street today though. They are yummy (the toffee ones especially). :p


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We had a roast with all the trimmings but didn't go toooooooooooo overboard so feeling ok but looking forward to going back to eating properly