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Setanti's Progress - Year 2

Steve S

Full Member
Morning guys! :wavey:

I've recently switched from CWP Sole Source to Atkins. CWP was good. I've dropped 51lbs but I'm getting to the stage now where I want to start exercising well and bulking up my muscles a bit. I really think my body's telling me it needs a few more calories!

I've followed Atkins successfully before, but got into the steak and burgers cycle, I didn't drink nearly enough water and I dropped back into old habits. CWP got me into drinking 3-4 litres a day and it's now ingrained.

I've jumped ship partly because of Jim's inspiringly excellent maintenance record and can see myself living a low-carb lifestyle indefinitley once I've lost this last couple of stones.

Exercise-wise, I've done the C25K program a couple of times recently but found myself falling asleep all over the place so I've put my running on hold for now. I've just started the P90 program :character00116:, and would love to get through P90X some day :rotflmao:. I also train Aikido two or three times a week.

I've loved reading through all your posts and look forward to sharing success with you all in the future. :D
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Hi Steve and welcome aboard mate. Thanks for the kind words and your B&A's look fantastic.


Silver Member
Welcome Steve & well done on your weight loss so far. Good luck with Atkins :)

Steve S

Full Member
Thanks guys! :D


Carbs are Evil
Welcome Steve x
Well done on an amazing loss! You're obviously well motivated now and know what you're doing so I'll just wish you good luck with the rest of your journey to complete health and fitness. GOOD LUCK!!


Yummy mummy to be!
Hi Steve and welcome to the forums.

Grats on your fab losses thus far and good luck witht he Atkins journey:)
welcome to the forum steve!!

can you please translate all the letters/numbers in your OP? lol


Silver Member
Glad you asked that Missy. I didn't know what thw feck he was talking about, lol. I still wish him all the best though :)
think hes trying to confuse us ladies ;)
Morning ladies & gents! :wavey:

Hahaha, I certainly didn't mean to confuse. Please forgive a recovering geek! :ashamed0005:

CWP = Cambridge Weight Plan
C25K = Couch to 5K running plan
P90 = The Power 90 Boot Camp
P90X = The nutter's version of P90

Anyhow, day 3 finds me without yesterday's headache and still eternally grateful I can eat food again! :eat:

I'm about half-way through re-reading the 1992 book and have regained that feelgood factor about this program. :happy036:
Well the little white stick has detected a medium excess of ketones being expelled in my urine. I'm certainly not dehydrated so it appears my body's made the switch from lo-cal to lo-carb! :party0049:

My new WI day is Tuesday so I'll be delighted to see a loss, but I'm prepared for a slight gain 'cos of the switch. Ooooh, the anticipation! :D
aaaahhhh makes sens now thanks

the p90 and p90x (although i havent looked an the links) sounds serious! haha
Morning all! :D

I broke my MIM duck last night! It's quite a ride isn't it, what with the exaltation as the muffin rises above the rim of the mug :party0049: and then the crushing disappointment as it all collapses to only half the size when you open the micro door. :doh: :roofles:

Still, I got 4 slices out of mine and had them slathered in butter. Really only 3 carbs? Wow! :eek:

I'm trying the legendary cheeseburger pie tonight with cauli mash and butter, so I'll let you know how I get on.

Have a good LC day, peeps! :gen126:
Morning Steve, is it like a soufflé then, you need to leave it for a bit before you open the door.,
Happen you're right Jim, I'll have another go this evening. :)
LMAO - I've had no inclination to try it but now I want to just to see what happens! lol

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