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Setting yourself goals?

you should set small goals to start with .. get through the first hour , first day , first week etc .. then think about a realistic achieveble weight goal .. like getting down to the next stone bracket ... if you make huge goals they appear unachievable , so small ones are much more positive :)
I agree with determinator, for me it was get through first week, then getting into next stone bracket, now its getting back to my last pre baby weight (lol) which is a stone and 5lbs away!!! xx
Yup.. i'm the same.

Abstract goals like "i want to be slim and healthy" etc don't really work as they are too ¨general (albeit worthy goals).

Use a specific item of clothing, or a specific clothes size or time frame... but make it short term and then make new goals... as you will change as you lose weight ( I started off wanting to get into a pair of 18 jeans... now I am in them I am focussing on a pair of 14s I have)
I had this discussion with my CDC when I started. She wanted me to set my goal for a half way mark so that the overall goal wasn't too far off - but that really doesn't work for me - I would stop there because I have "met" the goal. For me my goal has to be the end game - however I am quite happy to set lots of little tick off goals along the way
I agree with what GG said :)

My CDC asked me to set a first goal and I didn't have a clue so I said 11st. I don't know what I'll be like at 11st though, it's just a number to me.. So my first proper goal is to fit into a size 16 dress I got from Peacocks that I have never fit in to! Then I have a size 16 dress from Topshop to fit in to, then a size 14 dress from Topshop haha (as you can tell, I'm a sucker for buying clothes, not fitting in to them & promising myself I'll slim in to them).

Do you have any clothes you love but don't fit in to anymore?
I have a range of goals. My main one was to lose ten stone, but that was much too big to contemplate, so I split it into four 2.5 stone targets. My other goal is just to be 100%, as that's what's most important

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