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Shall I even bother going to my meeting?

I started WW last week and am extremely embarrassed to say that I simply have not done it this first week :eek: Easter has been FAR too much temptation for me and I will either be the same weight or a lb or two more.. I am not too cross with myself as I plan to start properly now but am wondering if I should just not bother going to the meeting tomorrow.. what do you think?
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Hi Sarah
If i was you I would go and face the music then you can get back on track from the next day I was thinking of joining before easter but thought I would leave it while after easter still not sure what to do wether to go or not im a bit undeciding what to do.
Good Luck

I think you're right, I think I really should just go.. I did meet a really really lovely lady (who also started last week) and we were going to exchange telephone numbers so may go for that, I think it would probably get me back on track as well. Will think about it between now and then and hopefully make the right decision!
Yes sarah I think you are right in going thats very nice of that you and this new lady are going to exchange telephone numbers to help each other thats what i could do with if i join How many new members joined last week

Good Luck
how many members joined last week? it was just me and this other lady (aaargh can't remember her name :eek: how embarrassing) but it was SO busy there seem to be so many members.

I say join, if you've weight to lose then WW is a great way to do it (if you actually do the points, not like me !!)

I think you're right not to skip your meeting. The hardest thing in the world to do is to go and be weighed after a bad week. But if you skip one meeting then it's easy to skip another, and then another, and then never go back. If you face the music this time then you can carry on as normal. Besides which, after easter I'm sure you won't be the only one not to have lost weight this week - that easter bunny has a lot to answer for eh! Hehe

Jackie r

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S: 17st3lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st7lb(8.71%)

Just read your post, I would suggest that giving into Easter is one of those things that we have all done at some time. I've given in over Christmas and am fighting the bulge again. I started on LL and then CD then went my own way. I've returned to the boards again this week and started CD yesterday. But having been told by my family in no uncertain terms that they "didn't want to go through that again", to keep the peace and my sanity I've agreed to do WW. I have health issues and although my doc is happy for me to do CD until my BMI gets down to 28 my family are too concerned that I will get unwell again. Dicky ticker and all that. But my advice is don't be afraid to go to the meeting. If you have put on a pound or two don't worry about it. If you don't go you won't know and then if the following week you are still at your start weight you won't know how well you have done. (if that makes sense).
I would suggest that we need to look at WW not as a diet but as a way of eating sensibly for the future. I know on the other diets I thought I want to get this done as soon as possible to start living again. But WW is different, it is about living, changing for good. That means there will be days when we are not so good, and days when we are better. The secret is getting more good days than bad.
I think you're absolutely right and I thank you for reminding me of those points. I have a head full of CD and LL rubbish (my apologies to anyone doing CD/LL) and am finding it difficult to adjust to doing it slowly and healthily. I totally agree that WW is actually a LONG TERM solution and therefore a way of life.. obviously CD/LL were not (for me) and I must adjust my way of thinking and sort my head out so that I can actually do this.

God I just realised I'm talking absolute rubbish.. I know what I mean, sorry if you are lost haha!

I am DEFINITELY going tonight now, thank you to you all for your comments and help. I am also going to cycle there :eek: WOW am actually not going to use my car for something! My lovely husband checked my old bike (which *ahem* was covered in cobwebs) last night and has given it the thumbs up for use, I cant wait to get on it to be honest!

Thanks again everyone :D
haha it'll be interesting to know how much I have gained.. I have stuffed my face all week :eek: but today only fluids have passed my lips.. I have had 2 CD shakes and a cup of coffee, I will have one more shake before the meeting.. I know, I know, it's not great but at least I'm trying :confused:
:eek: I am hun, but I used to do Cambridge Diet and have a load of the food packs left over so thought I would use them today in an attempt to not show a weight gain :eek:
:D woooohooooooooo it wasn't as bad as I expected - 2lbs off yippeeeee and I completely stuffed my face too!!

Am completely on track now and looking forward to a great week !
Hi Sarah

Well done hun you see you was worrying over nothing
How have you lost 2lbs and stuffed yourself. What did you learn tonight did you see that nice lady who you saw when you joined was there anymore new joiners tonight after easter
Well done
OMG yes I am so pleased I went! Bethany I have NO idea how I managed the 2lbs loss.. oh perhaps it's because I have only had 2 CD shakes and a small portion of pasta with homemade vegetable sauce on top today.. whatever I am dead chuffed but left thinking "hey what COULD it have been if I have really gone for it".. so now I'm going to really go for it :D

There were about 5 new joiners, I did see the nice lady from last week but she didn't stay for the meeting this time. Will catch up with her properly next week hopefully. Everyone is so friendly and guess what.. I cycled there and back!!!!! (only about 2 miles but it's still more than I would normally do!).

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