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It just struck me today when we were commenting on another thread about how low in points Mini Milks and Soleros were that there are probably loads of little gems that we dont realise that are low in points. How about sharing them? I had no idea the range of WW foods around and have been discovering more and more every week at Asda.

Things like:

Biscuits & Cheese - 2 servings in a pack - 1.5 points each
Malt Loaf - 1 point per slice
Malted finger rolls - 2 points

Non WW items:

Low fat Super Noodles - only 3 points!! (Same as WW ones but nicer)

Anyone else got any more? Or just any items youve found that are good substitutes for the full fat versions (like the Super Noodles)

Sometimes things are under our noses in the supermarket and we might not think of trying them, or notice them without a dunt in the right direction
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I don't know the points but I can tell you that Waitrose are now doing individual pots of houmous which are great for lunch with a pitta bread and some celery and carrot sticks all for just under 300 cals! Very satisfying and tasy and think how pleased the poisonous pixie(Gillian Mckeith) would be!

love Barb xx


Gonna be a 10!

Found Tesco HL quarter pounders only 2.5 points - really thick and meaty and not fat!!!! Yum yum!
Also they have a "naturally good for you" or naturally healthy range and the lickle square pizza topped with pesto chicken and spinach with a bit of cheese and tomato is practically the same as the weight watchers ones but nicer! 6.5 or 6 ....


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What a great thread. Off shopping at Asda tonight... so if find any goodies will let you know. :)

Deb x


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Hi Starlight, loved the meringues idea, but I think i'd prefer yoghurt over instead of creme freche, would that be the same points?

This morning I had a citrus yoghurt for breakfast with a pear and plum for only 1.5 points...good job too as I had a lot at lunchtime :)

I've just found the WW cookie bites which I think are quite nice, at least I feel like I'm hving more of a treat compared to the packs of two biscuits, which are probably more dense but TWO BISCUITS...I'm used to two packs ;-)


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Thought Id resurrect this one.

Ive found the most gorgeous microwave popcorn. Pop Secret its sweet AND salted combined. One bag which fills 2.5 pyrex bowls is 5 points


At long last some semi decent cheese. Tescos low fat mature grated cheese. Its not the same as regular cheese but it actually toasts quite well. A portion (2 points) nicely covers a slice of bread :)


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I know it doesn't sound like much - but two clementines are only half a point. I'm eating two a day now as you get so much for your half a point, rather then just a Rich Tea Biscuit or something (although I will admit, that sometimes I'd rather have a Rich Tea, and so do! lol).

I'm also eating a lot of salad in the evening because it really fills me up, and it only costs me half a point (2 tbsp of WW Salad Cream). Also the Helmans Extra Extra Extra Extra (you get the drift) Light Mayo is only half a point for 2 tablespoons as well.

Oh, and Butterkiss Toffee Popcorn. If you get the multi pack (6 bags) one bag is only 2 points and you actually get a decent amount. And it's so sweet you wouldn't really want another bag anyway, so it's quite easy to just stop at one!