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Sharing favourites & new discoveries

It just struck me today when we were commenting on another thread about how low in points Mini Milks and Soleros were that there are probably loads of little gems that we dont realise that are low in points. How about sharing them? I had no idea the range of WW foods around and have been discovering more and more every week at Asda.

Things like:

Biscuits & Cheese - 2 servings in a pack - 1.5 points each
Malt Loaf - 1 point per slice
Malted finger rolls - 2 points

Non WW items:

Low fat Super Noodles - only 3 points!! (Same as WW ones but nicer)

Anyone else got any more? Or just any items youve found that are good substitutes for the full fat versions (like the Super Noodles)

Sometimes things are under our noses in the supermarket and we might not think of trying them, or notice them without a dunt in the right direction
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I have a confession to make on the solero front....the redberry ones are 1.5 points as I said, but the tropical ones are actually 2 points. Still well worth it in my opinion because they are sooo creamy and delicious, but thought I'd better set the record straight as I didn't want to be responsible for anyone going 0.5 over their points allowance, lol.

My favourite low fat alternatives are as follows:

Potato head crisps - 1.5 points per pack
Aplen light bars - 1 point per bar
Rainbow drops - 0.5 per pack
Tesco Healthy Living sweet & sour sauce - 0.5 per 1/4 jar
Tesco Value shepherds pie - 3.5 points (cheap in price and points! - great for dinner if you've over indulged throughout the day, I just have mine with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and 0.5pts worth of gravy - yum!)
Straight to Wok Medium egg noodles - 3.5 points per portion (Another really low point meal - I just use these with loads of beansprouts, mushrooms, onions, touch of garlic and soy sauce for a huge filling dinner - more like a chow mien than a stirfry and it's yummy!)

Those are my main godsends, I'll update as/when I think of more.


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I don't know the points but I can tell you that Waitrose are now doing individual pots of houmous which are great for lunch with a pitta bread and some celery and carrot sticks all for just under 300 cals! Very satisfying and tasy and think how pleased the poisonous pixie(Gillian Mckeith) would be!

love Barb xx
Brilliant! I'll definitely be adding some of those to my shopping list this week then! So, so far on this weeks shopping list (thanks to this forum) I have mini milks, melba toast, strawberry and cream cookies and supernoodles...yum yum! Lol!

Found Tesco HL quarter pounders only 2.5 points - really thick and meaty and not fat!!!! Yum yum!
Also they have a "naturally good for you" or naturally healthy range and the lickle square pizza topped with pesto chicken and spinach with a bit of cheese and tomato is practically the same as the weight watchers ones but nicer! 6.5 or 6 ....
I just found this on the weight watchers forum, so I've copied and pasted it for everyone's information. They sound really really yummy and I thought you all might like to see it (I hope it's ok that I copied and pasted it from another site!?)...

You need to buy some filo pastry (can get it ready made in the fridge department at most supermarkets) and then loads of zero point veggies!!

You cook/fry/bake/griddle your veggies (they have to be cut up nice and small)

Beansprouts, carrots, spring onion, cabbage are really good combo.

Then you can add a bit of soy sauce and oyster sauce (not much as you dont want to make it to wet) - or try chilli sauce!

Then cut your filo pastry sheet in half and then put your filling in the middle of the sheet (going length ways), so you can then fold up both the ends first (stop it falling out) and then roll it so its all covered in pastry!!

Then bake for about 10mins!!


(If you only use 0 point veg and soy sace and 3 sheets of filo pastry, you can make six spring rolls for 1.5 points!!)


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Hi Starlight, loved the meringues idea, but I think i'd prefer yoghurt over instead of creme freche, would that be the same points?

This morning I had a citrus yoghurt for breakfast with a pear and plum for only 1.5 points...good job too as I had a lot at lunchtime :)

I've just found the WW cookie bites which I think are quite nice, at least I feel like I'm hving more of a treat compared to the packs of two biscuits, which are probably more dense but TWO BISCUITS...I'm used to two packs ;-)

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