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I feel my loss is quite slow as I've only lost 8lbs in the last 2 weeks (a couple of blips the first week though).
Woahh! 4lbs a week is not slow!

Congratulations on your loss to date.

It's only just started moving in the past few days.

I had read about people getting 9lbs in just attack so I had thought I was going pretty slowly. The past few days have been 1lb a day - how I wish it could stay like that lol :)
Hi :)

Yes our stats are very similar. I am on my fourth week. I did attack for a week and lost 4.8lbs. The first week I did 1.6lb, week 2 - 2lb and then this week was 2.8lb. Don't be downhearted with your losses. They are great so far.

I have noticed a lot of people saying they are disappointed with their losses. I think because most people have a really good big loss in their first week on attack that then going on to lose 1.5 to 3lb a week can feel a little disappointing. However, do not lose sight of the long term picture.

I don't know your dieting history but mine is pretty dismal. I tried, years ago slimming world and ww, with not much success. Over the last four years I have tried lighter life, lost 4 stone and then Cambridge and lost the same 4 stone I had put back after lighter life.

I think the trouble is you have to come to a point when you realise there is no quick fix and it will require perseverance. For me Dukan is working well. I like that I can eat plenty and I don't feel hungry or lethargic, which I did with Cambridge and LL. I love that each stage is well structured. I like that I don't HAVE to go and do over the top workouts at the gym, I hate exercise. I just walk a 30 minute brisk walk a day and I am happy with my losses. Exercise will be my fallback plan for later if and when I hit a stall.

So please do not be downtrodden by your losses, you are doing great. Just think of it as a marathon not a sprint. Plan ahead, make sure you have variety in what you eat and stick to it. I don't even say oh i will just have a little bit of ........(insert forbidden food) I am rigidly sticking to this come hell or high water.


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4lbs a week! That's great!
I'm losing, on average, 1.5lbs a week and I'm quite happy. Look at the big picture. Even if you lose at the rate I'm losing, it's still close on 1/2 a stone a month. That would mean, if you needed kept going in cruise, 2.5 stone by Christmas, thats about 3 dress sizes. Chances are, though, that you're gonna lose quicker than I am.