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OH DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe she actually said half of those things - honestly I am speechless - people like this seriously p*** me off (sorry all) but I work hard and I don't have a huge amount to live on each month but we still manage to eat healthily....:mad:
I can't believe the nerve of that woman! If she puts on the weight they should start to take the money out of her benefits to pay it back. After my bills have gone out i don't have much to live on, but you can shop around for cheap and healthy foods. Wonder how much she was paid by Closer to do the article?


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i'll second that, true laziness!!
and she looks older then 25!!


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We're paying through the nose for people like that! She's not paying any tax! I'm taking home alot less than that! She should be made to do community service to give something back! It makes me spit! I bet she's never cooked a meal from scratch in her life!
God that woman has got b*lls saying that and having her face made public. Lets face it getting to the size she was/is didn't come free the bl**dy tax payer has paid for her to eat choclate and crisps, and then to have the opp and now the C*w has the nerve to whinge. I think not, I would give her a good smackin and send her on a how to shop course. The woman needs serious help and a GP referal to SW and she can get refered by her GP to the gym so whats her problem, her highlights?

I'll gladly take her shopping with me and give her a lesson on how to shop and scrimp and save. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR she has rattled my cage now.

Talking of which there is a new telly programe starting beging of august on how to shop/cook healthy on a budget but cann't remember anymore.


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I'm shocked, I can't believe the bilge that was coming from her - you can get a bag of Tesco Value apples for 69p, surely that is cheaper than crisps and chocolate biscuits.

I notice her boyfriend doesn't work either - disgusting, shame on you both.......

The mind boggles at stories like these, it really does!!!!


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Hmm being on sickness benefits I get a lot less than that and Im still willing to pay for SW. That said I might have to stop soon as Im really struggling with other bills.
I read this article on my lunch break and i couldn't beleive it!

She's talking about how she "worked so hard" to lose the weight: which she didnt!

It is expensive to get started eating healthy Ie: beginning to make all your own stuff from scratch but once you have the basics, you can do anything!

Aldi is doing all their fruit and veg for 49p! How could she not afford that!?

She is basically saying, it's fine not to work, it's fine to be fat because the NHS will pay for you to get skinny and then it's fine to complain you're not being paid enough for doing NOTHING!

Are some people REALLY that deluded?

Glad you bought this up, it made me really mad as well!
I do think the reporting on things like this, specifically in certain areas of the press is very biased. They are deliberately written to encourage outrage and anger. Whilst I understand this reaction when people feel something is unjust, it might also be worth reminding ourselves we don't know what other issues lie behind the surface.

I am sure we have all been the subject of finger pointing and judgement which usually stems from people not truly unserstanding the bigger picture.

This kind of reporting scares me. I know it sounds extreme but it has a whiff of nazi-ism about it. It may sell papers but it incites hatred and anger.

(moan over) lol
Oh my GOODNESS!!! that is shocking. Cant believe some people...........
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Ha I read that yesterday and was gonna post to say it was ridiculous and point out that Charlotte Grace could show her a thing or two with her amazing menus each week.

What a crock of sh*t she spouts eh?

I also loved the story about the woman who loves a fairground ride :)
"The disability allowance money she used to receive was spent on gym workouts, healthy food and having her hair highlighted."

WHAT?! I have months where I can't afford to get my hair trimmed let alone coloured....I would love to know the reason why she has never worked (I do appreciate that we don't get the full story with articles like this as cocktailprincess has pointed out). Trouble is even if she did find a job she'd probably then be whiningit's not worth the effort she get's more on benefits....:mad:

And four packets of crisps at a time? She'll have that band stretched in a year and be back to her original weight...and income....:banghead:


hmmmm.. I am a single parent and she gets almost twice as much money a month than I do. I pay for SW and still find the money to eat healthy AND buy treats for my daughter. And I am sorry... but I would gladly take a cut in my benefits if I was given a free £8000 towards my weight loss!!! And surely... losing weight means she is now able to go back to work and earn a better wage? Eating crisps and chocolate as they cheaper than the weightwatchers ones!! Pah.... shouldn't be bloody eating them if she wants to lose weight anyway. It people like this that give those who genuinely need to claim benefits a bad name. Fat does not mean disabled!!!

sorry.. rant over!!!
you can get a bag of Tesco Value apples for 69p, surely that is cheaper than crisps and chocolate biscuits.
Hang on a minute Donnie, she knows they are cheap but doesn't emotionally feel like an apple :p

'People ask why I don't snack on an apple - they're cheap, but emotionally I don't always feel like an apple.'



I will succeed!!!
Hang on a minute Donnie, she knows they are cheap but doesn't emotionally feel like an apple :p

'People ask why I don't snack on an apple - they're cheap, but emotionally I don't always feel like an apple.'

PMSL!!! I loved that line. Sorry love, this month I don't feel emotionally like paying my taxes that go towards your benefits...

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