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Shocking calories!

On Slim Fast I used to find I spent a lot of time looking for new 100 calorie snacks - what things have you picked up and been shocked by the calories? For me it would have to be chocolate biscuits at nearly 80 calories per biscuit for most brands! I remember the days I would eat a packet and not think twice about it, that was probably over 1000 calories :eek:
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Yep once you start calorie counting it is shocking to see how many calories are in things! I tend to look at calories in everything now, not just stuff I'm intending on eating but food that my family are having too lol! I'll be at my mum's or auntie's and be checkign the calories in their stuff lol! Yes biscuits are shocking, and I was the same as you, could quite happily munch through a whole packet in one go :eek:
all the Harvester meals shocked me! I checked out their nutritional information on their website and the cals in their food is shocking!! The only thing I can eat there now is the simply chicken! xx
Yes I saw the calorie content for Harvester meals, whoa! :O
Couldn't believe it! We have one just down the road from us but luckily only ever go there once in a blue moon (once or twice a year if that!).
LOL when i was on weight watchers I was amazed at how many points are in a mcdonalds milkshake! Theyre awful!
urban myth about those shakes .... to thicken them they used lard :eek::eek::eek::eek:

not sure how true that is but it would explain the Huge!! amount of calories in them lol
well I wouldn't be surprised. A few years ago before the whole super size me thing and all that McDonalds milkshakes and mcflurrys were not vegetarian as they contained chicken fat. The reason McDonalds for years called McFlurrys Mcflurrys rather than ice cream, at no point was it referred to as icecream, allowed them to not have to meet the EU standards for icecream - allowing them to use whatever the hell c**p they wanted in them.
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Yes definitely put me off too!! That was always a little treat me and hubby would enjoy, he'd nip down the road for two McFlurrys (never been keen on the rest of the food from there!). But think now I'll add McFlurrys to the rest of my McD's ban!!!! Ewww, hate the place!
My daily breakfast used to be two all butter croissants and a full fat latte from Pret... I dread to think of the calories and all before I even got to 9am!!

Ahh hubby loves mc donalds..i hate it..i would never go there if it wasnt for him unless i was getting the yogurt thingy. thats very nasty about the ice cream..i will never eat there again! We went there the other day and i didnt know what to get that would be healthy so i got a plain mc chicken..the .99 cent one...and after i ate it i looked at the wrapper and it said 400+ calories and like 30+ carbs i think..i was so grossed out...never again mc donalds!!!


One day at a time :)
I was quite surprised by muller rice... I know it's nowhere near the calories you're all talking about and it's by no means bad but there's 200 cals in ONE pot of muller rice and I would have sat and ate 3 of those in one sitting as a SNACK!

lol I consider 200 to be pretty shocking, I'm like you chocolatecat it wasn't that the things I ate had massive amount of calories it was that I'd eat so much. I love jaffa cakes but at 40+ cals they aren't healthy and I could normally manage to munch through the whole packet in a day which is around 500cals absolutely crazy!!!
whew i dont even want to think about the things my mom use to feed me when i was little...crazy! she would buy a large bday cake and give it all to me to eat all the time :-S scary
I love jaffa cakes but at 40+ cals they aren't healthy and I could normally manage to munch through the whole packet in a day which is around 500cals absolutely crazy!!!
A packet in a day is pretty reserved lol, I used to happily munch through a packet of jaffa cakes in oh about 10 minutes! And I wonder why I put on weight, hmmmm!!!
hmmmm peanut m&m's .. havnt dared look at the packaging :eek: i remeber having a big packet most nights while watching the tv :rolleyes: lol gone are those days .. fingers crossed
Big bar of galaxy, almost every night, gone in minutes :( Esp got bad when they bought the cookie crumble one out! Not good!

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