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Shocking discovery about Cambridge Formula

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My nutritionist friend took a look at a tetra from CD and told me a way of recreating the diet (SS) for only £0.91p a day.

Obviously this info isnt here to persuade you to ditch the CD but just to let you know that there is an alternative which has EXACTLY the same nutritional content!!


The total cost of this for 1 day is approx £0.90p which saves at least £4.50 per day when compared with the CD tetra packs!!!

You may use or disregard this info as you see fit, and I know some people should seek their GPs advice before doing SS so the same applies to this, but I just thought you might be interested that the above products will provide EXACTLY THE SAME NUTRITIONAL CONTENT as drinking 3 CD tetra bricks!! The only thing you will find is that you will have additional fibre as Fybogel contains more fibre than the CD packs and is made of husks which a lot of people take as supplements on the diet- so as far as I'm concerned this is a bonus!

Hope some people find this a bit of a Godsend like me- when you have no money and a useless CDC then this may come in very handy!
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
That's ok BUT..I would definately get bored quickly with that. Need something with flavour too.

Sorry to hear that your CDC isn't as good as should be...have you tried to look for another in your area?
That's brilliant, what a price difference! Though I do have a question (and possibly a silly one), what is skimmed milk powder? Is it flavoured or is it just milk? Sorry if that's a stupid question :eek:


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Actually it would be very boring without flavouring.

However, if someone were out of the CD packs for whatever reason it would be good to know that there was something to tide them over without having to blow the diet on food.

Marie, its not a silly question- you buy skimmed milk powder in a tub/tin, its just dehydrated milk so u mix it with something containing water and it tastes pretty much like normal milk- my nutritionist friend said mixing it with tea or coffee is the best thing, or you can mix it into your milk but it may not taste as good- basically it will just increase the density of your milk if you do that so it may taste a bit 'thick'. In tea/coffee it tastes good tho, just add a little drop of normal skimmed milk as well if you want to (just a tad tho).

Hedgemag, it may not be good for everyone, for me I dont do this for the variety of flavours- I can only stomach the tetras at the moment as I hate the other flavours, so for me keeping it simple with milk, and a flavoured orange fibre drink and some tea/coffee is actually better than having the CD flavours!! But I see what you mean, some people may find it boring after a while

Crusha do a sugarfree milkshake flavouring which has almost 0 cals/carbs etc in...so maybe that could be added?

I'm quite tempted by this idea, especiall being a full time mum - 3 of us trying to live on one wage is hard enough without an extra £34 a week for me to do CD. Hmm....
So the skimmed milk powder can basically be used as a kind of 'coffee mate' sort of thing...meaning you could have 3 glasses of milk AND 3 coffees with 'milk'?!! Ooh, sounds good to me! :)
Yes you have to have both. What CD do is they put skimmed milk powder in the milk to increase the calorie, fat and carb content which is needed to ensure you stay healthy- apparently even on a VLCD you need a certain amount of these things, and without the skimmed milk powder you wouldnt get enough. This is also true with some of the other nutritional content, cant remember exactly what but I know calcium is one of them. So in order for it to be the same as CD and be healthy you would need to have both xx
Yep thats right Marie, good isnt it!? I know some people may take issue with the lack of flavourings but I do CD because I need abstinence from food, for me having flavourings is just a way of thinking Im still eating! So in a way not having the flavours actually helps me! x
Right guys im off to work for a bit, will come back on here when i get home if u have anything else u wanna ask. Tbh i just cant believe that no1 came up with this alternative sooner!! xx
I'm not sure I could drink skimmed milk on it's own though - it's a bit watery? What about the sugarfree crusha, would that be a no-no? (I only ask because I have a bottle of that in the cupboard already, lol).
Yep thats right Marie, good isnt it!?
It definitely sounds good to me! Especially as I miss my tea/coffee and I spend most of the day freezing because of all the cold water and shakes...being able to have a nice hot coffee with milk in between the shakes/milk sounds great to me! And the fact that it's cheaper is fab!

Are you actually gonna give this a go Wannabslim?
By nutritionally exact, do you mean the vitamins and minerals are the same or does it have the same balance of carbs, protein and fat?
I'd be more worried that people would take the word of a complete stranger and embark on a diet which could be lacking in nutritional needs.
Maybe it's just me but I am very concerned about this. I know that we pay a premium for buying foodpacks but at least I know I can trust them.

I would feel very uncomfortable doing a "homemade" version. This diet is too extreme to be "mucked about" with. We all have to fill in medical forms etc, and that's usually for a reason - our own safety.

I really can't say that I would support anyone doing this at all.
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