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Shoe stretching?

Anyone got any tips for stretching shoes at all? I have a pair that are just a little tight width-ways, and don't think I could manage a whole day at work in them - any handy hints? I'm sure I've heard stuffing them with wet newspaper is supposed to help, or have I dreamt that?!!
Many thanks! :)
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LOL! Can't wait to hear the answer re the potatoes!!

Just you wait, as soon as you get to target they'll no doubt fit beautifully - I've definitely dropped shoe sizes! ;-)


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Damp newspaper scrunched and pushed in hard and let them dry naturally for a few days.

Better still invest in a shoe stretch, you only need the one, and the stretching spray. Some shoe shops or menders sell them or buy on line. The one with the length stretch as well is the better one.

I'm a size 8 and it's amazing how many shoe manufactures seem to forget that longer feet can be slightly wider too! Just a millimetre or two usually where a seam is can make all the difference. My stretcher has been worth every penny.


Is back in the saddle!
Isn't it funny where you lose fat from!!!!
Thanks all for the tips - but now you've left me in a quandry - do I buy a stretcher and wear them now, or wait for a few more weeks and see if they fit?! (I must admit I remember when I lost a load of weight before I went from a size 8 to a small 7). They're VERY nice shoes, so I want them now, but I also want them to last!!:confused: :D


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My tip for stretching shoes is to pop them on with some thick-ish socks and aim the hairdryer at them on full blast - the heat will soften the shoe and help it to stretch. Although once stretched they won't go back if your feet do shrink!! x


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I'm a shoe junkie as well ;) got more shoes in my cupboard than I care to count. At least when my ex moved out, my shoes could move into his wardrobe!!!
Oh, me too - I gave away 24 pairs three weeks ago (had a mass wardrobe tidy out, started with the too big clothes, then decided shoes should go too) since then I have bought another SEVEN pairs already - I don't think food is my only addiction :D Still, I'm saving money being on LL, so got to spend it on something, haven't I?! ;)
Oh - and my OH has never got near the wardrobes in our room - he gets the little single one in the spare room :D :D

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