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Shoegirl1978 Diary

Hi all :sign0144:

I received the Patrick Holford low GL book for Xmas and started the diet yesterday. I'm going to keep track of things on this diary and will be greatful of any tips etc.

I'm 5ft 2 and my weight is 10st 12lbs :cry:I'm aiming to get down to 9st and have set myself a target of 1st May to reach this weight, then I will go into maintenance.

I have an added incentive to reach this weight as I get married in March next year and want to be slim and toned.

I'll post daily with my menus etc and will post my weigh in results on Sunday's when my fiance will weigh me :doh:

Right, game on!
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Good luck shoegirl. What a fantastic incentive to aim for. You are brave letting someone else weigh you; my weight stays between me and the bathroom scales (IRL anyway :p)
I have to admit that this is the first time I've ever let my boyfriend see my weight, it was a daunting prospect but I know that it will spur me on knowing I have to stand in front of him each Sunday!

So my menus, yesterday went like this:

B - Scots Oat Porridge
S - Strawberries
L - Chicken in wholemeal pitta with a sliced tomato
S - Apple & handful of nuts
D - Homemade turkey burger with sweet potato & a grilled mushroom

I drank 2 litres of water, had 1 glass of squash and 1 cup of decaf tea. Managed to go for a 30 min run as well.
Wednesday Menu:

B - Get up & Go shake with berries
S - Apple & nuts
L - Chicken in wholemeal pitta with a sliced tomato
S - Strawberry
D - Thai Red Chicken Curry

I've already drunk 2 litres of water, and I will have a glass of squash with my dinner. Not able to run tonight as I'm visiting my nan but I'll walk back from the train station which should take about 30 mins.


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How do you find the Get up and Go shoegirl? I have ordered some as I am enjoying my smoothies just now, and thought these would be quick and filling on workdays. Pricey though ...


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That's a fantastic start to your weight loss. Well done. :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You are getting off to a very positive start. I think your boyfriend weighing you will be a great incentive.
Good luck
How do you find the Get up and Go shoegirl? I have ordered some as I am enjoying my smoothies just now, and thought these would be quick and filling on workdays. Pricey though ...

Hiya - I personally love the get up and go. I'm not really a breakfast person so these are perfect. I've been making mine with raspberries and I love it. I used to drink whey protein shakes but hated the artificial sweetner taste. Get up and Go has no vile sweet taste. I usually drink mine at 8am and I'd say it keeps me satisfied until about 11:30 when I'll need a snack.

I'm going to order another pot this weekend as I know I'll use it daily :)

Oh and I have been ordering mine from dolphin fitness as that's the cheapest price at the moment x
Thursday Menu:

B - Get up & Go with raspberries
S - Cashew nuts
L - Jerk chicken & mango flatbread
S - 3 oatcakes with hummus
D - Shredded brussel sprouts with chopped bacon + sweet potato mash

I'll be drinking all the necessary water etc and will fit in a run after work.
Friday Menu:

B - Get up and go with raspberries
S - Apple & cashews
L - Wholemeal pitta with chicken salad
S - 3 oatcakes with hummus
D - Indian spiced chicken and rice

Water, water, water followed by a nice long run after work.


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Welcome Shoegirl! Food's looking good!


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Lovely, delicious, healthy day today. :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Shoegirl, I hope the day went as planned. Enjoy your weekend.
I'm out and about today running errands, trying to keep my meal plan on track as best I can. One thing I'm proud of is that I managed a Friday night without a beer! First in a long while for me! So today goes:

B - Get up and go shake with berries
L - Chicken satay pieces from
S - Some leftover "pigs in blankets"
D - homemade nandos chicken pitta with salad

I'm ploughing through my water, and hope to get out for a run tonight.

First weigh in tomorrow - eek!

Have a fab weekend all x


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You're food sounds yummy today, and congrats on not having a beer yesterday :) You're doing really well!
Afternoon all, well today was my first weigh in and I managed to lose 3lbs. Very happy with that (especially as the boyf was overseeing!)

I'm going to aim to lose 2lbs this week, I'm thinking slowly slowly is the best way to go.

So onto today's menu:

B - Bacon sandwich with wholemeal bread
S - Air popped popcorn
L - Chicken salad
S - Apple & peanut butter
D - Dahl curry from the book

Not the best start to the day but I'm not worrying.

I'm nearly through all my water and will pop out for a run a bit later today (under the cover of darkness ;))



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I too succumbed to sunday morning bacon sandwich --luckily enough I opened the packet and there was only 6 rashers --and there was 4 of us--so had one rasher and one slice of bread----damage limitation!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Oh what a result. Fab 3lbs. Loss. Keep up the good work, watching portion sizes and keeping up the water.
Well done you!