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Shopoholic's food Diary

[FONT=&quot]I'm an ex target member of slimming world, who needs to get back into target range, so just over 1.5st to lose.

Plan for today is: Extra Easy

B: Fruit salad (homemade from the remnants of the fruit bowl).

L: Leek and Potato soup (homemade 50:50 leek: potato + bovril + water) and a HEB portion of wholemeal bread toasted (2syns for butter).

D: Roast Turkey Dinner (turkey breast, steamed sprouts, carrots, cabbage, boiled potato Chicken bisto - about 1.5 syns). Veg took up about 50% of the plate.

After dinner snack - 3x tesco mint thins (90cals for 2, so 7 syns for 3).

Measured HEA milk - to be used in a couple of cups of tea, and then drink the remainder just before bed.

Total 10.5 syns

Aim for tomorrow - increase the water.
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Thursday 29th December: extra easy day

Breakfast: fruit salad

Lunch: out in the sales, weaterspoons jacket, beans and salad. No butter or dressing, but probably a bit light on the superfree. Diet pepsi.

Snack: banana

Dinner will be homemade leek and potato soup, with a heb portion of bread, and 2 syns of butter.

And probably a small glass of wine, 6 syns.

I've had half my measured hea in tea, and another 2 splashes whilst out so will take that as gone.

Had more water than yesterday, but feel thirsty so I'm off for another glass.
Friday 30th December: extra easy day

B: more fruit salad (the last of it)

L: more leek and potato soup (last of this too)

S: banana

D: mixed salad (50% of plate), ainsley's lentil dhal, (a very) small homemade chapatti (28g=4.5syns). You really don't get much for the 28g, but the dhal was very filling. A couple of slices of left over turkey.
Friday 30th December: extra easy day

B: fruit salad (the last of this)

L: leek and potato soup (last of thus too) with a heb of brrad, 2 syns of butter.

D: salad, roast turkey, ainsley lentil dhal and homemade chappati 4.5 syns for 28g of flour. You don't get much for 28g, and I won't be bothering again, found the dhal really filling. Plate had 50% salad.

Rum 4 syns and diet coke.

Hea in tea through the day.

Total 10.5syns.
Saturday 31st December: trying and failing to be good.

B: fruit
L: lentil and carrot soup (homemade, free)

D: free chicken curry and rice before heading to a new year party to try to stop me picking
* all drinks were syn free (volunteered to drive)
* 1 x mini sausage roll 3
* couple of pringles 7
* piece of garlic bread 5
* 2x after eights 4

Total: 19 and quite pleased with myself.
Sunday 1st January: green day

Got up late, so no breakfast.

L: carrot and lentil soup

Snack: banana

D: macaroni cheese, using 4x he and a few syns for the flour, mustard and tomato puree.
Day 6, 2nd January 2012, extra easy day

Another lie in, so no breakfast again.

L: carrot and lentil soup

S: 2x plums

D: 2xeat smart sausages (2) with steamed veg, and mash (free) plus bisto (2 syns)

Still have some syns and a heb leftover.
Day 7-3rd January 2011

B: 2 wheatabix and milk from allowance

L: home made sushi rolls and salad and fruit.

D: pork chop, mash, carrots, brussels and bisto (2 syns)

Snack- weighed out 7 syns of chocolate after dinner
After a week off plan being away from home with work, here's todays diary.

Saturday 14th January

B: banana and Apple
L: home made sushi rolls and salad
D: spaghetti bolognaise

Syns: 2x white wine spritezer after dinner.

Hex: milk in tea, missing a heb.
After several months of getting no further I joined a class tonight.

So, dinner
Salad: lettuce, tomato, celery and cucumber
Homemade pilau rice with onions
Chicken curry, tomato, peppers, onions

B- mixed berries

L - Arabic salad, 8xOlives ( 1),
Mixed berries in sugar free jelly ( 1/2)

D - 15g chorizo, red pepper and spring onion omelette and salad (1)
B - overnight oats

L - rice, salad,
- mixed berries in SF jelly (1/2)

D - griddled lamb and veg, quinoa and salad

After dinner Snack - 25g Aldi smooth praline chocolate (6.5)
B- berries in jelly
L - yo sushi
- Salmon nigiri
- Mixed fish maki
- Salad (no sauce)
- Salmon shashimi
D - Beef stir fry veg + rice

snack - alpen light
Keep forgetting my diary...

B - bacon, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms (f/sf)

L - prawn noodle soup (f)

D - roast chicken, potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, broccoli (f/sf) Yorkshire pudding (4) gravy (2)

S - hifi bar

B - fruit and ff yogurt

L - tuna sandwhich - hex b
- pickles
- cucumber

D - toby carvery (gammon & turkey, steamed carrot, peas and broccoli - free). Syns for 1/2 Yorkshire pudding, 2 roast potatoes and gravy)
B - toast (heb)

L - sw quiche + salad
- berries + fat free yoghurt

D - (homemade) chicken fried rice (from the fakeaways book with added chicken, was lovely but lacking super free now)
B - berries and ff yoghurt

L - sw quiche and salad

S - doughnut peach, peanut hifi bar (he b) - these we're gorgeous, can't believe I've only just found them!

D - roast chicken, carrots and butternut squash - syns for bisto
- berries in jelly - 1/2 for jelly