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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Meneither, 23 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. Meneither

    Meneither The Me Is Back.........

    Hi guys as im sure you all already know im starting CD next monday 30th, as its pay day on friday (That friday feeling im so excited i just cant hide it.....) sorry :( ,

    I was wondering what i should put on my shopping list that will help me through.
    I have read people mentioning scales, blenders etc so what do you think.

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  3. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    I bought blender, tape measure and ketosis sticks :) i ended up buyin tooth whitenin kit and johnsons sun lotion instead of scales whoops lol

    oh and i also bought a scrap book so i can stick in pics and also parts of my online blog thing

  4. trinakmh

    trinakmh Silver Member

    What a brilliant idea Stacey! Never thought of doing this, Well i shall add scrap book to todays shopping list :D
  5. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    I couldn't live without my Kenwood Frothy maker - it's so fab and convenient - heats up the shakes and soups to just the right temperature! You've just got to take care that you don't get the electrical bit on the base wet or else you'll blow up your fuses! lol

  6. kittykat

    kittykat Gold Member

    A hand blender
    Smoothie maker
    ketostix about a fiver from boots or lloyds chemist
    breath freshner !! believe me youll need it
    litres of fizzy water
    cappucino whisk if your having shakes on the go
    thats what i bought
  7. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

    Thermal undies for when you go into ketosis!!!!
  8. poohbearmufc

    poohbearmufc Longing 2 b a yummy mummy

    Bed socks for at night!!!I bought a brita water filter with a years supply of filters instead of wasting money on loads of bottled water... I just then bought a few 1/2 litre bottles and keep refilling them...Listerine breath strips (lots!!)..Love
  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Sweeteners for your black tea/coffee, tablet form not powder.
    Hand blender.....I use a shaker if im out.
    Maybe something to keep your mind off food, a new hobby.....though mine is this site...!
    I bought a few litre size bottles of water and keep refilling them and storing in the fridge, then ask you finish one refill and exchange bottles.

    Save a 2 litre bottle to store water in fridge to keep it chilled for the shakes.
    ice cube tray to make them cooler especially when it gets warmer.

    Good luck.!
  10. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    an extra jumper. i found a fleece in my wardrobe that still fits, so wore that and fingerless gloves in bed on saturday night as well as my pj's. i was so so cold.

    bullet blender/magic blender.
  11. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    yes ice cube trays. lots of them, and a microwavable baking sheet thingy.

    water bottles.
  12. Meneither

    Meneither The Me Is Back.........

    Thankyou certainly some things to think about.
    I already have a tape measure i did measure myself the other night, i think my tape measure is broken my trousers says 42in waist tape measure says 46omg,

    A blender is something i dont have i was thinking of getting an electrical hand blender,

    Cappachino whisk i think im going to stick on the top of my list for when im at work, i have a normal travel mug so hopefully big enough to make a soup or shake in.

    Scales well i vowed i wasnt going to become obssed with what weight i am, however not sure if im going to be able to go to weigh in every week so will be handy to kep tabs on myself but only once a week (honest).

    Ketostix is that something you wee on ....

    thanks for all the great ideas of stuff to get think it will be a trip into town on friday i like shopping (as long as its not for clothes).

  13. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    NO SCALES!!!!!! no nono nonononono, baaaaaaad!! when you are into maintainance...yes.....but now? no!!!!! don't do it!!!

    You'll probably get measured when you start anyway. Make sure to take a few piccies - one from the side and one from the front.

    As other peeps have said...a blender of some sort, I don't like those little whisk thingies, they don't seem to work for me - lumpies everywhere. I have little tiny balloon whisks you can get from specialist cake makers shops (they use them for making icing usually in very small amounts).

    Sweetners are a must!! tabulated only.

    A good bottle......I use a 1 litre volvic, but I always break the top spots cap thingie so I needed to buy a little 500ml one so I could use the screw on top. You have no idea how many times my bottle has soaked everything in my bag (including my now poor dead ipod!!)

    Several million bowls, cups and spoons since that is all you will be using!!

    Some baking parchment or teflon paper for making fun things.

    I'm also a chart geek, so I have stickers and things.:rolleyes:

    Ketostix - yes you wee on them, but your CDC will have some you can get. You can sometimes have a fight on your hands in the shops trying to get them.

    Bad tape measure!! it did that to my brother and my dad too. Dad is ademant he is a 32......but the tape measure says 37. I think mens jeans just lie!

    Have fun!!

    Last edited: 23 April 2007
  14. Sainsbury's do a plastic beaker with aseal tight (guaranteed) lid- I find this is great for making up shakes (though does not totally de-lump them) or for transporting made up shakes in your bag when travelling-costs about 1.69
  15. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Hand blender and lots of bottled water if your tap water isn't up to much.

    I've not bought any ketostix - just assumed that when I'm in ketosis I shouldn't come out of it really.

    Anything that might keep you warm, socks, gloves, British Gas.... anything!

    Toning oil or cream - I've been buying that and using it regularly in the hope that it'll help.

    Happy Shopping :)

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  16. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Bio Oil for those stubborn places as it is expensive and a large economy body moisturizer to massage into your skin all over.:)
  17. Tigerlily2007

    Tigerlily2007 Must try harder!!

    I bought a sports drink shaker from ebay - it cost me £1.49 and I take that to work with me FOR COLD SHAKES only!
    **DO NOT** make hot drinks!!
    As soon as I shook it the pressure built up and the shaker lid exploded from the actual container sending boiling soup all over me and the kitchen and frightened the life out of me too! Huge bang!!
    OK OK it was a blonde moment but could have been really nasty!
    This is the same as mine - its bigger than needed but works really well... MIXER SHAKER Ideal for protein drinks shakes BRAND NEW (item 280098281903 end time 25-Apr-07 12:17:29 BST)
  18. Meneither

    Meneither The Me Is Back.........

    Once again thanks fot the ideas not too sure on the moisturiser (not a manly thing to do lol), the shaker sound a good idea something not too big and bulky to carry round (have enough crap to carry for work as it is)

  19. peeps

    peeps New Member


    I just started the CD today and then read this thread!! What are Ketostix for - someone mentioned you wee on them but why :) ??? Sorry, I'm completley new to this!! I had my first shake today and can I just say I thought it was awful and had to force myself to drink it!! Strawberry flavour! Are there any better flavours as I feel queasy after this one!! Am I the only one who feels like this? Are the shakes nicer heated up?? Do you get cold on this diet??

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm a newbie!! Any tips greatly appreciated. :)
  20. Meneither

    Meneither The Me Is Back.........

    Welcome peeps,

    As i said havnt strted Cd yet so well done you for doing so, the folks on here are really freindly and very supportive, ketotstix are used so you can tell if your in ketosis which i believe is when your body starts burning fat instaed of protien. when your in ketosis i do believe you will feel cold and apparently you will have a bad taste in the mouth other than the shakes and soups.

    Hopefully your still reading and i havnt put you off for more info ready stacey or misdee's diary they both started this week.

  21. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    Me - you need to get in there with the lovely moisturiser. Have you seen the chaps on this forum? the diet has turned them into men who like to be pampered.....universal countour wraps, bio is inevitable!!!:D:D:D go know you want to!!!

    Peeps - don't panic. I always feel bad for people who go for strawberry first. It was my first one too! minging isn't it? all of them taste better than that....apart from maybe fruits of the forest which is also awful in my opinion!!:jelous:


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