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Shopping list

I'm fairly new to WW too so I don't have a definitive list yet, but here are my favourite discoveries in the last couple of weeks:

Warburtons square wraps - 4pp each
Warburtons sandwich thins - 3pp each
Caramac ice-cream bars - 3pp each
Wispa ice-cream bars - 3pp each
Butterkist toffee popcorn - 3pp for 25g bag from multipack
Velvet Crunch (bit like Snack a Jacks, but better!) - 2pp per bag

That lot satisfies my snack/sweet/carb cravings and I also make sure I buy tons of butternut squash. It's one of my favourite vegetables - tastes yummy, is very filling and SO versatile! I blitz it down to make thick and creamy soups, mash it with a little butter and black pepper, roast it in chunks or like chips, use it as the main ingredient in curries and risotto...
my main staple, apart from the obligatory curly wurlies! big bags of sugar snap peas, baby corn, beansprouts and noodles........ can you tell i have a lot of stir frys? lol


Overweight or undertall?!
i can't live without quavers (2pp) and slim-a-soup (2pp), ww raspberry and strawberry swirls (2pp), nothing else springs to mind at the moment!
I got to have crisps, velvet crunch salt and vinegar are lovely. Although when skint, Tesco value 12 pack of snacks are either 2 or 3pp -58p. Milky ways and fudges - POP these in the freezer to make them last longer. Warby wraps and discovery wholemeal wraps (3pp for one,7pp for two).
Frozen veg - stir fry and normal.
Laughing cow light cheese is another staple - livens up a sarnie!

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Overweight or undertall?!
Curly wurlys are 3 and have one every single day, sometimes two!

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omg, wispa icecream bars at 3pp - i almost melted with glee, but just checked the nutritional info on their website and they come out at 5pp each :( sad face :(
mini milks at 1pp each are good for cravings when your low on points.
omg, wispa icecream bars at 3pp - i almost melted with glee, but just checked the nutritional info on their website and they come out at 5pp each :( sad face :(
Nope, definitely 3pp. I calculated it from the packaging but have just double checked it on the website. The values they give are for the 80ml bars you might buy individually from an ice-cream man or corner shop, but the multipack bars are only 52ml and work out at 3pp :)

Cadbury Icecreamland - Your Icecreamland

And here's the calculation on the official WW calculator app.

jayneharrison said:
Mini Babybel Lights are 1pp each and actually go quite far if you can manage to grate one without taking the ends of your fingers off!
Oomph, don't kno this.... I haven't have babybels since school!!!! I wil soooooo b gettin sum next time I go shoppin!! Xx
Rite, ma main shoppin bits n bobs.... Snack a jack cheeky chutney crispy things...tesco usually av um on offer b2gof, they're only 2pp a pack n ya feel yav eaten a pack of proper crisps.

Only this week I bought some 0% fat greek yogurt,,, usually this ain't my sorta fing, but I added some articificial sweetener n it's lush on any puddin type thing, n no pp as long as ya don't av toooooo much yog.

Bns... I am soooo a fan. I've gotta say before WW I'd never had it's or even considered having it! It is a weird veg, but as people say it is v v v versatile....

Umm.... I'm lovin smoothies and frozen fruit t make ice creams... The list is on n on...

I reckon as long as ya willin to cook a bit n experiment u'll find some wkd meals..... Jus don't forget to post any new recipes :)

Hope this has helped, xxx
I have a smoothie every day I love them i really like a fibre and antioxidant start of.
Frozen banana
A kiwi
Cooled strong green tea
Handful of pineapple chunks

Sometimes I add a mullet light coconut to it I think they are 3pp might be wrong I'd have to check

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