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Should CDCs charge a consultation fee?

A friend of mine has decided to do CD after I convinced her that it is indeed safe... She found a CDC close to her house (central London) and when she phoned, the CDC told her the initial visit is £25 and £7 thereafter, on top of the soups and shakes (which she sells at £40 a week for 21 shakes!!!!)
Is that allowed? My CDC does not charge me a pound.
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Really if she isnt happy with price the best idea is to find an alternative cdc.
CDC can charge what prices they want, even though cambridge sets a rrp its upto each individual counsellor what they actually charge.

I didn't have to pay an initial consultation fee, or any visit fees.

However I don't know if that's the norm, as it's my first time on this diet.

Maybe your friend should ring round or check on the cd web site.



The Diet Guy
It isn't the norm but all CDC's are independent and work for themselves so he/she is doing nothing wrong. Also is he/she offering other services within that consultation?

Saying that if she looks around I am sure there are other counsellors who would not charge this fee.

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I started last week and my CDC (also in London) charged me £40 for the 21 shakes but no other charges, I did ask on here and the going rate for the packs was roughly £32-£35 so I have now contacted a new CDC nearer to my work who only charges rrp for the packs and will be seeing her from Saturday


The Diet Guy
Just to clarify!

The current RRP's are

£1.55 for a soup or shake sachet
£1.75 for a tetra brick
£1.70 for a bar

These are the current RRP's from Cambridge and aren't going to change before the summer.

Your local CDC is of course allowed to charge more than this if they wish but if you want to pay RRP then you need to be looking out for these prices.



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Wow i must be really lucky then cos my CDC comes to mine or my mums and charges 1.55 for bars/shakes/cartons


Cambridge Counsellor
Good Lord! So, that'd be £65 for week one, and £47 per week thereafter! I know we counsellors can charge what we like, but frankly, that's just taking the piss.

Jo x
Just to clarify!

The current RRP's are

£1.55 for a soup or shake sachet
£1.75 for a tetra brick
£1.70 for a bar
Should be £1.80 RRP for the bars Mike - is that a typo?

As already said counsellors can charge what they like for the packs and their services, but I think the majority charge the RRP or one set amount for a week's supply and don't charge a consultation fee. I'm happy to give a consultation for free as I really want to tell people about the diet and give them the information they need to make an informed choice.

If you think you're being overcharged, look around for another CDC would be my advice. :)

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