Should I change my ticker?


Not dieting ATM!
Hi folks,

Happy New Year!

Over the festive period (last three weeks) I have gained 11 pounds.

I feel like I will lose the weight and get to goal over the next month or so and have made a promise to myself which I intend to keep.

My dilemma is should I change my ticker back from my lowest weight to my true current weight or shall I leave it until I am making further loses again?

Initially I thought I would leave it as moving it back up seemed like accepting the gain.

But now I'm wondering whether keeping the ticker true is the better answer?

I'm stuck so thought I'd ask for your advise.:confused: Maybe you have considered this in the past yourself.

Thanks to all those who reply. I will certainly be taking all your views on board when I make my decision.;)
I change mine to reflect the weight I am - that way, it's reminder of what I want to achieve. It's a personal choice tbh but I change mine with gains and losses.
It's so long since I've had a real loss that I've forgotten how to change mine....

so it's staying
Hiya & Happy New Year mate :)

I have left mine as it was when I stopped doing CD. When I weighed myself this morning I was 17st 03!! ARGH But I am not changing it upwards because I really really love moving it downwards and thats my punishment, so the next time I move it downwards I know I am back on track. Do whatever you feel is best but before you know it you will be to the weight you were on CD we all know that. xxx
I'm not changing mine as I intend to get back to where it was when I stopped 3 weeks ago AND pass it! :)
Oh go on then i'll change mine....but I won't really feel like I'll have lost again until I get a pound under my lightest weight.

Shouldn't take too long.

Thanks for all the advice, opinions and thoughts you have all shared.

If I had gained less than 7lbs I don't think I'd have changed it though.

Dizzy x