Should I chase my CDC?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by ELAY, 22 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. ELAY

    ELAY Full Member

    I saw my CDC for weigh in last week and picked up my food packs, however she didn't have any apple Cinnamon porridge (some problems with delivery) but said she would get them to me ASAP.

    I text her yesterday and just asked when she was likely to be getting them, but she hasn't replied!! I ordered 5 and as much as I like them, I don't want more than 1 a day. I'm getting a bit annoyed now as I really want something Stodgy!!

    Should I chase her again?
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  3. LizzMB

    LizzMB WILL be Slim!

    personally, i think its bad that you have to chase her...BUT....i would drop her another text just asking if she received your text as you havent heard anything back....see if that gets her replying hun!
  4. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Yep I'd def call, text or email her asap. You are relying on this food and she has a responsibility to make sure you have it. Good luck x
  5. ELAY

    ELAY Full Member

    Well I've just emailed her and straight away I got an automated reply saying "I'm currently on Holiday and will get back to you when I can"

    What the F*** am I supposed to do now?
  6. polishrose

    polishrose Gold Member

    Call head office and explain you're 5 packs short because your CDC hasn't supplied them and has gone on holiday.I'm pretty sure they can send some out to you.
  7. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Yep as Rose said or call another local CDC and explain your situation. I'd call her once more before tho xxx
  8. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    It makes me so sad when some people are so inconsiderate.
  9. ELAY

    ELAY Full Member

    Well she has just text me back. Saying sorry I did get your message but forgot to reply. The porridges should be arriving Wednesday morning... well again what good is that to me? 6 Days after I was supposed to be getting them.

    I'm going to be 100% and am determined to stick to SS as I know that if I give in slightly then i'd end up going all the way.

    Sorry, But I am just really really annoyed!!
  10. badger1980

    badger1980 Full Member

    I'd ring her, some people dont use text much, ive been guilty of finding text on my phone a few weeks after it was sent before. At least if youve spoken to her you know shes got the message.
  11. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    Well thats a bit of a pain in the bum, well only one more full day till they're here, you'll enjoy them all the more when they arrive!
  12. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Thats not good enough though, Wednesday is still a few days away..
    I would say to her that your not really happy with that but what else can you do. Your cdc should have another cdc living near her that sponsered her to be one that she can swap things with.. Ask her if she knows any others that you could get it from if you really want it before then..

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