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Shrinki's Primal food diary

Discussion in 'Paleo / Primal - Diaries' started by shrinki, 25 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member


    I came across the Primal way of eating reading a free kindle book that I'd downloaded. Having done Atkins for over a year in 2004, I vowed never again.... So have not really looked in to any other low carb diets.... However, when I saw that I could eat most fruit and veg whilst following the primal blueprint I was sold!!

    I am on day three, already three pounds down and enjoying the food :)

    So I thought I'd start a food diary... I have also signed up to Paleotrack to make sure I am not accidentally eating the wrong food.

    Any comments/advice is welcome!

    b - scrambled egg with tomatoes. Cherries.
    l - baked salmon with spicy mango salsa (chopped mango, red onion, cucumber, red chilli, lemon juice and coriander)
    d - burger with salad and xvoo/cider vinegar
    25 minute bike ride

    b - scrambled eggs with tomato and chilli. Strawberries.
    l - avocado, Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, xvoo/vinegar
    d - Primal recipe tomato soup and burger with Boursin black pepper, salad.
    70 minute walk
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  3. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member


    B - slice of melon, half buffalo mozzarella ball,
    Parma Ham. Drizzle of xv olive oil.
    S - baked fig with goats cheese wrapped in Parma ham on bed of rocket. Oil/lemon dressing.
    L - Primal tomato soup with half leftover burger crumbled in and topped with grated cheddar.
    D -Tuna steak, tomato, onion and cucumber spicy salsa. Sweet potato (yum yum Paleo with ghee)
    This was one of the nicest dinners I have had for ages!! Totally sold on sweet potatoes!

    Now having a decaf coffee with dash cream.

    All 'strict primal' when run through the checker.

    Exercise - 25 mins bike ride and 40 mins walking plus other active minutes doing housework etc.
    Last edited: 25 June 2014
  4. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Well-Known Member

    Looking good :)
  5. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Good to hear! X
  6. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Food today:

    B - scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
    L - salmon, spicy mango salsa and sweet potato
    S - baked fig and goats cheese wrapped in Parma ham
    D - primal tomato soup with cooked burger crumbled in and cheddar (yum yum)!

    Lots of rushing around doing chores etc.
  7. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Food plan today:

    B - scrambled egg with tomato and chilli. Berries and small amount of cream.
    L - chicken, bacon and avocado salad
    D - steak and salad and maybe a sweet potato - if anyone has any advice on how often you can eat sweet potatoes please let me know!!
  8. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Food was as planned yesterday but no sweet potato. Dinner was a bowl of roasted tomato soup, half a steak (wasn't very hungry) spoonful of baked avocado and cheese, Boursin garlic mushrooms.
  9. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Food today

    B - just black coffee - didn't get up until 10.30 :)
    L - cream of roasted tomato soup (home made Primal style!) crumbled bacon and cheddar sprinkled on top.
    D - will be (picnic as out) chicken, spring onion and mayo salad. Berries and cream.
  10. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member


    I read Mark's comments and gathered he was saying they're useful for post-workout etc. when more carbs may be needed. I think I will have them lunch time rather than evening and also maybe one week on/one off like you do - good idea!!

  11. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Food last night was the chicken mayo salad but didn't bother with the berries.

    Food plan today:
    B - coffee (not hungry at all)
    L - I think I'll have a sweet potato with cheddar and leftover cooked chicken and salad. Yum!
    D - omelette or similar.

    Left my fitbit off after my shower at 4pm yesterday which is annoying as we walked quite a lot going to a local music festival.. Very happy with my increased activity and definitely exceeded the 3+ hours gentle cardio target. I didn't do any weight training though so will work in two kettlebell workouts (lots of primal moves) next week. Sprinting? Don't think I'm quite ready for 15 mins sprints yet but I do sprint up my three flights of stairs at least once a day!
  12. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Food yesterday:

    B - tomatoes and bacon
    L - Greek salad
    D - burger and salad. Cheddar. Mayo.
    All good until...
    A few gin and diet tonics! My first artificial sweetener in a week...
    My head is making me pay this morning......
  13. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    I love your diary. So inspirational.
  14. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Nice to see you here x
  15. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Food today:

    B - IF
    L - baked salmon (sprinkled with crushed fennel seeds/chillies and drizzled with xv olive oil served with spicy mango salsa
    D - will be - steak and salad. Berries and cream.
  16. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member


  17. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Well-Known Member

    Looks yummy!
  18. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Dinner was tomato soup (primal recipe)

    I fried an onion and garlic in 2 tablespoons olive oil. Added a tin of tomatoes and a dash of balsamic and chicken stock (which I since notice has 0.8g carbs as sugar in so probably not allowed). All in the soup maker and hey presto! I then crumbled in a cooked burger, cheddar and a spoonful of cream. Yummmmmm!
  19. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Lots of free Paleo cookbooks for kindle today. If you want the link, please message me as I don't think I'm allowed to post it here.
  20. shrinki

    shrinki Well-Known Member

    Weigh in - 3.5 off and 2% fat loss :-D

    Soooo happy with that!!!

    Hubby tried to join me on Primal - he is not enjoying it at all! I don't think he will stick to it which is a real shame but it's up to him.

    I still haven't done my kettlebell workout this week so need to do that today.

    I'm going out to a restaurant tonight - Italian I think - but I can't see it being a problem at all... I just have to watch out for hidden sugar...
  21. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Great loss, well done :)

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