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  1. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Well...I got through my first day.
    I woke up yesterday morning feeling really bloated and sick from stuffing my face the night before, i ate everything i could get my hands on because i would be 'starving myself' as of the day after. That really wasn't the case tho, i found yesterday ok. I know its only going to get worse before it gets better but at least i got through a day, i didn't think i would get that far so that's something hey!!
    I don't usually tend to eat breakfast as i cant stomach food in the morning so i had my first product at 1.30pm which was a chocolate bar, it was ok.. my sister (who has previously done CD) compares it to a mars bar....hmm i don't think so haha but it was edible. After this i felt quite full and i was drinking water as well ..being a receptionist i was gulping water all day at my own pace and had drank 3 litres before i'd even realised so the water didn't seem a struggle.
    Anyway.. when i got home it was half past 5 and i wanted to stretch the 2nd product out till 6 so i decided to go for a quick bath...2 hours later...i was out of the bath and drinking my 2nd shake (a bath is so much nicer in this cold weather i just didn't want to get out :) I had a banana shake which was lovely. I blended it which made it all frothy and was like drinking a normal milkshake. An hour later then at 8.30pm i had my last shake which was a chocolate one which was again lovely and i'm looking forward to having it again.

    So, that was day 1..woke up hungry this morning which tells me that today isn't going to be as easy but ill do it. I've said to myself i want to do at least one whole week of 100% SS, i know that's nothing compared to people who have done it for months (who i completely take my hat off to) but i'm taking it one step at a time and if i feel like i need something little to eat as of then that's fine as long as i completed a full week. (sounds stupid but i know what i mean)

    Sorry for blabbing on but any support will be sooo much appreciated as i don't have the best will power.


    Sian x
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  3. Casswass

    Casswass Full Member

    Hi Sian, well done on finishing day one!

    You're right that it gets worse before it gets better, but just push through it and you'll feel great in a few days.

    I'm bathing so much that I'm surprised there's not much less of me! I'v also been religiously moisturising my body and giving myself lots more beauty treatments than before. It has been important to me that I find ways to reward myself, since alcohol is out of the question. ;)

    I like mixing my shakes with ice and a little bit of water. They go ice-cream like and seems like a nice indulgence.

    Keep strong - you can do it.
  4. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Thankyou :)
    Ahh that sounds really nice actually, im open to any suggestions as i can get bored sometimes.
    Ive only got shakes and bars for this week so next week im going to try soups (for the cold days). Do you have soups? Which ones do you like best?

    Sian x
  5. Casswass

    Casswass Full Member

    I have the spicy tomato, which I really like (must be mixed properly though - with that one, you have to make a paste with a small amount of cold water, and then add hot) and oriental chilli, which I can stomach. I don't mind the mushroom and have that one occasionally. For me, the vegetable and leek and potato are VILE, EVIL and NASTY! But, as you know, one gal's meat is another gal's poison.

    For cold days, I've been having the chocolate mint and chocolate orange hot - and they are very satisfying.

    I have found vegetable bouillon drink to be a saviour (my consultant said that it is basically the same as their savoury drink - but I know some frown upon it). However, I've been drinking a few cups a day and have lost a stone in two weeks, so I can't imagine it is harmful.

    Have you tried the lemon yoghurt bar? Delicious. The orange chewy bar, not so much (smells like dog biscuits to me!)
  6. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Okay ill have a few of the soups to try when i go to my CDC on Wednesday...The flavour's sound really nice actually.

    So when you make the shakes hot do you just use hot water or boiled water?

    WOW a stone in 2 weeks is amazing...if i lose an average of 2lbs a week until june ill be at my goal weight ready for my weekend away to butlins with the girls which would be AMAZING as it will be summer and we can sit outside and ill hopefully be able to wear shorts and a vest and not feel so chunky.

    Yes ive tried this bars, ive had a bite of them anyway... wasnt keen on the orange one like you said but the lemon was delicious so im looking forward to that one :)
  7. Casswass

    Casswass Full Member

    I boil the kettle and leave it 5-10 minutes, the nutrients get lost if you add boiling water.

    It is good to have a goal isn't it? I want to be slim (or at least, much slimmer), by the end of my college course (end of May/early June) and for my holiday in Spain at the end of June. I went in June last year and hated feeling fat and blobby. Can't wait to wear a nice swimsuit and other summery clothes.

    You will smash taht 2lbs per week, no doubt - as long as you keep focussed and strong!
  8. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    I hope so...
    Im feeling really hungry today and it doesnt help that its so cold and horrible outside. I think im going to really struggle this weekend as im going to my boyfriends house and they are big eaters and they always have nice food haha...Ill literally be on here all weekend to stop me from eating!!

    If i can make it through the weekend i know ill be fine until my weigh in on wednesday :)
  9. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Im really struggling today...
    i just want a hot meal along with the fact that its a Friday and weekends mean 'fooood' to me..i really need to get out of that mindset.
  10. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member


    I'm on my forth weekend now - it does get easier! Keep thinking how you'll feel in a few months time :)
  11. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Ahh wow well done, im struggling already and its only.friday. night but on the bright side day 2 is nearly done and dusted :)
  12. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    I know exactly what you mean, my boyfriends mum cooks really yummy dinners, and always asks me if i want some (even though she knows I can't!) I just have to say no and walk away! Don't worry the first 3 days are the hardest, when you get into your second week (which is where I'm at now) its get's a little easier! x
  13. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Well its day 3....
    I havent ventured out of bed yet as i think itll be harder if im downstairs around food so i think a pj day is in order :)

    Im at my boyfriends house, ive got all my shakes... Ive got some tuna with me tho incase im really struggling.
  14. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Well i got through my first weekend.
    On Friday night I got to my partners house and immediately thought 'takeaway' as that's the usual routine but he had already made sure that he had food before i got there so that i didn't have to watch him eat...bless him :) But i was still really struggling so i opened a can of tuna and started much as i thought id regret it it really satisfied me and i felt fine after that and was so glad that id got through another day...

    Saturday I woke up feeling really positive and again managed a full day and as my partners family had a chicken salad I enjoyed a little piece of chicken and I ate it really slowly to make it last and again that got rid of any cravings for food that I had.

    Yesterday (Sunday) was much the same I had my shake around 12 then watched a film and then we went for a long walk along the harbour came back and had a shake around 4 and then my partner had a prawn cocktail so i had a handful of prawns (no sauce) and again I felt happy with that.

    I think as long as i can do it 100% in the week and maybe snack on the SS+ foods on the weekend ill be quite happy with that and i don't feel guilty at all.

    I weighed this morning and I've only lost 2 and a half lbs in 4 days which is a little disappointing - ill wait until my official WI on Wednesday but i suppose i had lost 3 and a half lbs the week prior to starting so alot of the 'bloat' and water had already gone. Anyway a loss is a loss so I've just got to keep positive :)
  15. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Thats me all tucked up in bed and another day done and dusted :)
    Day 5 done...roll on day 6 :)
    4 more days of dieting until my sisters birthday night out on saturday then hopefully back on it 100% on sunday :)
  16. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Its the day before my WI and ive started my TOTM :(
    And its alot heavier than usual which has peed me off as its going to affect the scales and i didnt feel id lost much anyway :(
    Having a down day and just want to have a Mcdonalds and curl up in bed (the fatty in me coming out)
  17. Casswass

    Casswass Full Member

    Hi Sian, keep going, you're through the worst now.

    I'm due on and the last few days have been hard for me too.

    Keep positive - if the scales aren't nice this week, remember it will be water retention and the following week it will DROP! You might have a nice surprise though.
  18. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    So...had my first weigh in and it was 3 and a half lbs off...
    Im not gonna lie and say that im not disappointed because i am but i am on TOTM so hopefully thats affected it and also i lost 3lbs last week leading up to the diet so my 'bloat' pounds were lost during that week. So basically im not going to let it get me down as its still a loss and im now 12.2 which means hopefully by next week ill see the 11s :)
    Im going out on a night out with the girls on Saturday for my sisters birthday so theres going to be a meal and lots of wine consumed but aslong as i put my head down for the rest of the week and keep at it 100% ill hopefully still have a loss next week.
    Im not going to pass up on a night out especially for my sisters birthday, at the end of the day im only 21 i want to be living my life and not let bloody food control it. :)
  19. TheGirl

    TheGirl Full Member

    how did you get on sian? x
  20. TheGirl

    TheGirl Full Member

    oh i was on the wrong page!!!!!! 31/2 thats really good well done! :clap: xxxx
  21. Sian :)

    Sian :) Full Member

    Hiya :)
    Thankyou, a part of me is gutted but another part of me is actually feeling really good as i was looking in my 2012 diary the other day where i marked down my weight most weeks and January 2012 i was 12.7 and i was up and down alot between 12.3 and 13.3 in 2012 so basically i havent been under 12.3 since 2011 so im now a pound lighter than i was in all of 2012 which is good right? haha im just trying to think of the positives otherwise ill end up giving up!!

    Youve had AMAZING losses, well done :)

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