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sick of gaining

ive been counting calories for the past 5 weeks and have managed to lose 7lbs, however for some reason i just cant get past the half a stone mark, i keep gaining even though im not going over my calorie allowance and im being more active.

I have 1700calories per day and my starting weight was 237lbs. This week ive gained 4lbs, again and so im back to my starting weight, even though i usually have between 2-300 calories left each day, im on my feet all day at work, i go for a 20min walk every day and have just began doing zumba (only one routine so far, due to work).

im loosing all motivation, as last time i dieted i lost 6stone so easily. Please help
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Hey hun, im not sure if i can be much help as ive not long since started so not had experience of this but, i know the other ladies say u gotta try all diff technics to make it work, on ur feet all day workin, walkin 20 mins a day and zumba seems alot of exercise to me in a week! maybe ur doing 2 much? im not sure.. im sure the other ladies will shed more light on this than me, really hope u start loosing again soon xxx


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Maybe you're having too many calories? Or if you're exercising a lot, too little? Try using myfitnesspal.com which will calculate the calories that you should be having, it also lets you track what you're eating and your exercise. If you're not using something like this to count it's hard to keep track I think!
I know it sounds odd - but sometimes you need to eat more! Otherwise your body "holds on" to fat and water because it goes into starvation mode. My advice would be to up your calories to what MFP suggests and drink loads of water. The weeks I drink loads I have my biggest losses.
thanks for the replies, i use a program to keep track of everything i eat so i know im not going over, and ive double checked my calorie allowance on the linked website, perhaps its just because ive been on nights. Hopefully it will all settle down over the next few weeks, and ill make sure i drink more water :)

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