signature problems, 4th weigh in.

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by dee72, 20 March 2008 Social URL.

  1. dee72

    dee72 Member

    Hey everyone,
    I haven't been on for a while, up the walls at work. I went for my weigh in last Tuesday (Monday Paddy's hol here) and am down another 3 1/4lbs. Still happy its a loss.
    Anyway, I dont have much on my signature and its telling me too many characters. Can anyone help, want to put up my loss.
    Hope everyone is doing well and Happy Easter to you all.
    Off now to read all the posts I've missed out on.
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  3. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    Hi Dee, well done on your loss every pound counts. As for the sig problem, im not 100% but I think the more posts you write the more privilages you get, so get writing.;)
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    You get maximum posting privilages once you get to 50 posts, until then your signature space is limited
  5. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Ive posted loads and still have that problem Dee, try writing your weights side by side maybe or delete something x
  6. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Starlight im always running out of signature space but have posted tons lol any ideas? xx
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I'm not Starlight (obviously :D), but the main reason you are running out of characters is because of the way you use the colour. Each time you change colour, it adds a code on either side of the text (same with changing the font).

    If you use a colour per line, it'll save you a fair amount.

    At the moment, your signature complete with codes looks like this

    [ URL=""][ IMG][ /IMG][ /URL]
    [ COLOR=red]15.01.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]14st 8lb [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](10lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]22.01.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]14st 3lb [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](5lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]29.01.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]13st 12lb [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](5lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]05.02.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]13st 10lb [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](2lb loss) [ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]12.01.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]13st 7lb [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](3lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]19.01.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]13st 1oz [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](6lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]26.02.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]12st 12oz[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](3lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]04.03.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]12st 7oz [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](5lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]11.03.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]12st 5oz [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](2lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=red]18.03.08[ /COLOR][ COLOR=black]-[ /COLOR][ COLOR=blue]12st 1oz [ /COLOR][ COLOR=black](4lb loss)[ /COLOR]
    [ COLOR=green]Re-feeding!![ /COLOR]
    [ B]Stats: before/[ COLOR=red]now[ /COLOR][ /B]
    [ B]42,38,46/[ COLOR=red]38,30,40 :)[ /COLOR][ /B]

    [ URL=""]
    [ IMG][ /IMG]
    [ /URL]

    Approx 1,436 characters. Cool eh :D
  8. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Ahh thanks a lot KD that makes sense i will go and change it lol.
    Cheers xxx
  9. dee72

    dee72 Member

    Thanks for your answers. I guess it makes sense. Looking at all you info, I just noticed how many posts you all have compared to my miniscule 16. I guess I'll just have to post an opinion on everything, haha.
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