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Silly question

I know I've probably been told this before, but the bad breath thing can it go away? or does it stay all the time you are in ketosis. Just wondering cos my hubby in his nicest way said I don't stink as bad. Just was having a little panic about not being in ketosis any more.:confused::confused:
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it cud be dat you drank more water ive heard dat sometimes helps i seriously doubt your out of ketosis unless you ate something
Thank you, I having been drinking more and more. I'm now having to cut my drinking down because sometimes I'm drinking more than 4.5litres.
yeah...I drink loads of water and my breath isn't usually THAT bad...then when I'm not drinking so much I can tell it STINKS!!

It's just the body gets rid of the ketones EITHER through wee (with lots of water) or through our breath. Don't worry hun- if you've not eaten then you won't not be in ketosis

i was worrying the other day my breath does not stink as i was told it is a major sign but it must be working because i had a great loss and i drink between 3.5 to 4 liters a day so it must depend on how much water you drink.
Thank you all for your advice. xx.


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Ah mine stinks all the time and i drink 3litres a day - i had it bad the last time i did LT too. My bf tells me its toxic!!!! :rotflmao:

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