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Silly things you've done with packs or while on CD

I hope I am not the only one. In my three times on CD, I've

Forgotten I'd not turned my blender off and hit the on button when I was cleaning the blender getting shake all over my face.

Forgot to take my thermos with hot water today and was somewhere I couldn't get access to hot water. I had to have a cold leek and potato soup. I didn't have to 'eat' but wanted to.

Normally I tip a shake into a jug then put the pack in the bin. I tipped a whole shake into a bin thinking I was putting it in a jug.

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cos i need this xxx
ive only put the blender on before putting it in the shake and ended up covered!!
im sure there will be more along the road though!

pmsl by the at the puring shake into the bin - i do stuff like that on a v regular basis - like putting the remote in the fridge n stuff!!

I made my first hot sachet in my shaker.... I put in the pack, the hot water and then closed the lid and began to shake..... it was all going well until the lid popped off and hot choc was spurted (at high velocity) all over my kitchen! it was on the Walls, behind the cooker, over the kettle and on the ceiling! I was peed off to say the least!

Gaelic Faery

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i had none of this until this morning! Burnt my porridge and then got lumpy mint hot choc all over my pjs by walking into a door...two packs wasted :p

Laura Croft

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There was 4 minutes left on the microwave so I just chucked my porridge in thinking I'd stop it after a minute. I forgot. Very very messy.

Someone else on here burnt herself very badly with the porridge when she tipped it on her leg. She wasn't silly though and had a very bad burn. Be careful with the porridge ladies!


This will be my year
I've done exactly the same as Keelie with a mint hot choc. It covered me rather than the walls - most went straight over my shoulder (I was doing my Tom Cruise in Cocktail impression with the shaker), but I had to wash the lumpy bits out of my hair :eek:


please try again
forgot to screw on the shaker lid on several occasions resulting in me wearing lumpy shake

and i had to make a soup up in the hospital with lukewarm tap water and a fork result was lumpy vomit like mixture, only had one pack that day too and kicked off a migrane
Someone else on here burnt herself very badly with the porridge when she tipped it on her leg. She wasn't silly though and had a very bad burn. Be careful with the porridge ladies!
yeah it was actually quite bad and took a long time to heal. I don't nuke it but I've had a couple of messy porridge spills... That stuff's not easy to clean!!
I take a thermos of veggie soup for lunch, I shook it quite vigourously before opening it, resulting in soup covered desk and papers, and a nauseous veggie smell all afternoon in the office
I have poured hot water into my bowl of porridge thinking I was making soup many times, and have ended up putting too much in and having to 'drink' my porridge. Not nice at all, but coiuldnt waste it x
You just reminded me Tracey the other night I was using another measuring cup and looked at the wrong measurements. I ended up with 860ml of very watery vegetable soup. It was awful.

I've done the porridge drink thing too. Ugh.
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I have left a choc caramel bar in my handbag then hung my bag over the hot radiator...!! needless to say it went straight into the freezer to harden up!! waste not want not!!!


oh crikey so many
added too much water to porridge like a shake - had to drink it
spilt the shake - licked it off counter
tipped shake into bin
tried to blend the packet

My brain goes to mince
Haha Lexie. I've not licked a bench top... yet. :eek:

My brain feels like it's gone to mush too. Is that a lack of glycogen? Psychologically I feel more alert because I'm not dumbed down in sugar.


is a naughty girl...
I was having soup one day and it was too hot...so picked up my water bottle and squirted in lots of 'water' only to remember it was flavoured water YUCK!! that put me off the soup :)


please try again
oh i was at my daughters nursery ( special needs, supposedly non mobile children ) i had opened my tetra and placed it on the floor figuring it was a safe place only to find a few of the kids had bum shuffled/rolled on over and were sharing my tetra between them, lol


hoping for a good loss
pmsl @ all these stories. I too have licked off work top, but thats it for now. Only new to Cambridge and very careful with the meals - too precious to waste lol

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