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Simple Solution


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Now I am below bmi 25 I have noticed on the Exante site that I have to go on the simple solution which is 1200 cals. Says I cant even go on working. Would I still lose on simple even tho im only just under bmi 25?
Just in case I lose this thread and nobody else replies, I'll have a stab :D

On Cambridge we move to 810 when BMI hits 25. It's to follow the NICE guidelines (nobody on a VLCD when they're to BMI or under)

Why? Well, the book doesn't say, but my own research says that once you get leaner, you lose more lean mass and so need more protein. I wrote a fair bit about this on another thread last night if you want to search...if not...fair enough..it was long and rambley anyway :D

So, yes, you could lose weight, but where from is the concern. Don't want to be losing lean stuff. Makes maintenance more difficult and doesn't look pretty ;)


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Hi Flumpy, Well done for getting to a BMI of 25.

That's good advice from KD. You don't want to lose muscle mass. I saw a friend do this on LL and she looked guant. She looked much better once it went back on and was a stone back up.

I would call the Exante team and ask them for their advice on losing on the simple plan. To be honest if you were calorie counting you would still lose on 1200 cals, so I don't see why you wont on the simple solution.

Will be interested to hear how you get on with it Flumpy, as I was thinking of doing Simple when I get to my last stone to go. Keep me posted.


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Thanks girls! I still feel like I want to lose another stone at least as I do still have a bit of a jelly belly lol! I think I'll always have that no matter how much I lose!

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