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Simply Filling?


plodding away
I was just wondering if anyone was following the simply filling technique or is everyone pointing.

I have been feeling a tad bored with all the weighing and pointing of late and have been eating a few too many processed foods. I've been thinking of giving simply filling a go for a change, as its only limited pointing and would automatically limit the amount of rubbish points I could eat.

Anyone tried it?
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hmmm was thinking same thing, but it a tad like sw i reckon and i did rubbish on that so i dunno, it would stop me using bacardi in points and all ww products, basically all fresh cooking i might give it a go from tomoz, wanna join and support each other lol, cant hurt a week surely
3 years ago I did ww meeting and was doing points but it was 1lbs a week every week near,and I did the old core which is the new simply filling the first week of core I lost 4lbs the second I lost 3lbs I stopped due to moving but I know I enjoyed it thou it was more expensive as you have to have more of things but I lived on porridge
I think its good to have a change and not a rest :) xx
Definitely worth a go :)
I have been pondering this myself, as I eat too much bread and cheese, and this would seriously limit that!! :D
Maybe next week :)
i'm nervous of giving this a go as i feel out of control,,but i think ww are probably heading this way and stopping the points,,will look it up and see how i feel:)let us know how ye get on x
If ww stop the points system they are shooting themselves in the foot !! I will stay on points for as long as I can hopefully to goal as SW won't work for me I can't have too many carbs and I don't like meat much.....
Why change points , I know ww is a business and they have to evolve to get new customers but don't fix what's not broken ' 'sorry vanda I got my soap box out '
I have a few pages on filling foods in my pack, and tbh i think its alot better. I think its just about making better choices, like having veggie soups and snacking on fruit and veg which are 0 pts or very low pts. For me ive started ww with the view that i will be eating healthy, so i havent had any takeaways (which i 'used' to love) or junk food, id rather have a big bowl of soup for 0pts than a sml treat for more pts. I have been and will be doing 'filling foods'.
Which I totally agree with but ww gives us choice atm, I can't eat large portions if fruit and veg bad IBS and I know that's a reason why many people don't do sw, healthy eating is everything in moderation takeaways and junk, you've done amazingly well did you never use points fir junk or takeaways? What made you choose ww over sw? Most people stop a plan when it's too strict 'junk' food wise,a takeaway once a month or crisips once a day isn't unhealthy, as soon as people are told loads of fruit and veg no junk they find it hard to do .
I agree i wouldn't stop using the points system. I wanted to do weight watchers because its more strict i.e points and portion size. I think it would be stupid of ww to change to more sw plan, when ppl are happy the way it is.
That's why I didn't like sw or core we had to have bigger portions and my stomache and purse can't take it lol
I hope they continue with points I think they just need to update it abit the online isn't great and some of the worked out points on products are wrong. I hardly eat processed foods now and won't touch White bread or margarine oil etc so it must work long term :)
Super well done for sticking at maintance x
Yeah I want them to stay as is....there is a lot of fruit and veg that I can't eat for medical reasons and most of these are the free foods that they talk about. What am I like? Week 2 and going okay so far.


plodding away
Thanks for the replies peeps. I'm still not sure what to do, I will prob carry on pointing to make sure my portions are under control but eat mainly the filling foods. I think I will limit my points on extras to a couple a day and see how I get on