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Six Stones to loose, will NOT fail.

Started SW on the 15th Feb at 16 stone 4

lb loss first week, a little disappointed but then Husband did take me out for a meal and also just getting head around what I can eat and getting the shopping in.

Bad headaches all week, screaming kids at WI so could not stay for group.

Tried making soups with some success.

So, 16 stone 3 and I am going to stick at it this time, starting new job on the 1st March and I am terrified, have been a stay at home and hide away housewife since being made redundant two years ago and that combined with a back operation, and moving to a new town has made my weight Balloon, have never been slim but never this big.

Goal is to be thinner and fitter to enjoy my music festivals more this year, and of course some new clothes:D

Exercise, started going for a walk every evening after tea with Husband and also started swimming but not sure if I will fit the swimming in after starting full time work, looking into buying a Wii Fit with my first wage packet, or asking Mr Hat (Husband) to get me one!

Starting this diary to hopefully keep me on track.:rolleyes:
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I too had 6 stone to lose when I started SW 6 weeks ago. Like you I lost 1 lb in my first week and was disappointed. Keep going though because in 6 weeks I've now lost 10lbs - including a maintain week and a gain week due to drinking too much. The headaches will go away soon - I promise! It's just your body getting used to natural sugars and foods instead of processed ones. You'll feel great in a few weeks x
I have about 6 stone to loose also,I'm joining my local sw on Tuesday, bit worried as I don't cook lol, found so many good tips on here so looking forward to starting.
Good luck to you :) look forward to following your journey.

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Hi rootsfran and others here,

I also had 6 stone to lose (and a bit more !) when I started this just over 6 months ago. And now suddenly it's nowhere near that and I feel great. Stick with it and try not to be too impatient (easy for me to say but I've been there) and think of this as a new way of life not a diet. Hopefully in 6 months my post will be your post to a newbie here :)

Good luck to all of you.

Gail x
hi rootsfran

i have about 7/8 stone to loose! found this forum last week! its great.
ive not had my first weigh in yet, that will be on tuesday finger crossed.

Had a yummy tea tonight out if this months sw mag. try some they are really good. i did pizza topped chicken tonight. free if you use cheese as HEA.

i hope this week goes better. i know how hard it is to have a small loss or a gain. puts you right off trying.

been very naughty today and weighed myself on boots scales, pleased with what they say but from experience they are different to SW scales, still fingers crossed on the right track. Struggled yesterday as a friend bought be some chicken and ham pie (pork pie pastry sort that you eat cold) my fave food in the whole world, luckily the butcher she got it from is miles away and you cannot get it round here!

Making a big pan of watercress soup now, starting new job tomorrow and terrified, new job provides free fruit and drinks and a free healthy lunch option, if you want un-healthy you pay, don't know what the food will be like though till I get there, at least I don't have to take a pack up!
Good luck with the new job hun and well done with finding a company who take healthy eating seriously. My place do free fruit, but its delivered on a monday and usually gone by Wednesday - still better than nothing.

if it m,akes you feel any better, I had a massive off the wagon moment on Saturday - fell foul of the out too long in town scenario and ended up eating 2 slices of pizza in pizza hit - 40 syns in total when i checked later(somehow managed to order the most synful pizza on the menu). Then last minute going away party for OH nephew meant no dinner on saturday night and there was a buffet full of pastry, bread and deep fried food - not a carrot stick in sight. Not hopeful for weigh in tomorrow now but if I do gain I will definately know why;).
i definately won't!! I paid for a 12 week countdown course up front to make sure I stuck to it and still have 5 weeks left :) plus I feel SO much healthier and fitter already.
Well the job was horrible and I gained 2 and a half pounds due to anxiety and stress, it is finished now so back to being a house wife and have already ditched the gain so am back on the wagon and 15 stone 13 pounds, determined to loose more than two pounds this week and get my half stone award.

Need to learn to love fruit! and get some excersise.

Discovered ryvita thins, multi seed ones are 2 syns each and delicious, satisfy my savoury nibble cravings .
Back on plan 100% now, and yesterday I joined a local walking group, only one a week and beginners level but I was somewhere in the middle throughout the walk so something to aim for to keep pace with those up front.

Need to find another form off exercise or activity now though as once a week is only a start.


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I also have about 6 stone to lose ive list 10.5lb in 4 weeks had a off wagon day this week but back on it now i have done slimming world before and i love it Im trying to get exercise in too but can be hard. Just giving 100% every week so fingers crossed will be thin soon just stick to it and don't give up xxx
Weigh in tonight, I have been mostly good, really hoping for that half stone award, somehow seems like that will make it more real and help with the motivation. Jeans feeling loose today but might be in my mind!

Can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive but not too hot, lots of music festivals to go to in may so plenty of walking to be had.

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