Size 16 jeans......WHAT?!?!?

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  1. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Yesterday I decided my size 18 stretch jeans were just about to be resigned to the charity bag (YIPPEE) so I popped into M&S as they had some reductions. I bought, without trying on, some size 16 stretch jeans for £12. (I want cheap as I fully intend to be out of them in the near future!!)

    Imagine the image, me, my wobbly bits and a pair of new blue jeans, in my bedroom, jumping around totally, utterly, and completely unable to even get ONE BLUDDY LEG up as far as my bum, let alone the waist done up!! Boy, was I mad!!!:banghead::banghead::banghead:

    So I decided that they will go back to the shop!! Nonetheless, I still needed new jeans, and although I know that sizes vary so wildly (I still have 20/22s in some tops I can still wear!) I was determined that it WAS going to be size 16 jeans..... or nothing!

    So this am popped in dear old Matalan.....guess what??:confused::confused:

    YEP...SIZE 16 JEANS!!! yes they are stretch denim,but I truthfully dont like ordinary ones, and no I cant actually breathe in them... but they did up and I know it wont be very long before they fit beautifully!! :party0023::party0019::party0019:

    Its been years and year since I could even look in a "Normal shop" let alone think about trying their stuff on...

    How chuffed am I???

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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Must be a great feeling, I cant wait to be able to walk in any shop I fancy and be able to try stuff on and know it will fit.
  4. Bluepaws

    Bluepaws Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    lol. Well done....and you're right! It won't be long until they'll be just right on you and it won't be long after that that they'll be too big! hehe :)
  5. Cerulean

    Cerulean Gold Member

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    Welcome to the world of the WHOLE HIGH STREET!

    That's amazing news Sez - well done a thousand times over!
  6. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: Well done Sez - it's a fabulous feeling!! I bought some jeans yesterday too.

    I went into M&S and took 3 different pair of standard denim jeans in a size 18 ( they were all on the waist, bootcut jeans, non stretchy type) to the fitting room to try on. They all did up fine but one pair were a bit loose around the waist and another pair were loose around the thighs - seems really strange that 3 pairs of jeans from one retailer in the same size would differ soooo much, it's about time we standardised clothing sizes in this country!! The pair I ended up buying were a perfect fit. I was tempted to try the other styles in a 16 but I am determined to not be laying on the bed trying to do jeans up like I was doing before!! The ones I bought were under £ 20 so it wasn't too much an outlay really. I was just so chuffed to have easily got into a pair of non stretchy size 18 jeans seeing as 8 weeks ago I was kidding myself I was a size 20 when I really needed the 22 in the stretchy type!! I'm starting to get really excited about hitting the magic size 16 and to have my pick of the high street stores ( although looking round yesterday was a bit of a disappointment, everything is smock tops, outrageous patterns and very retro! I need to get used to getting smaller before attempting something so out of character. My wardrobe for the past ten years has been dark colours, no patterns and very classic/frumpy as that's all that seemed to be available in the larger sizes!!)

    Well done again honey, it won't be long until you have binned the size 16s at the rate you are going :party0038: :party0038:
  7. JasmineCDC

    JasmineCDC Full Member

    Congratulations Sez - what a great feeling!!!

  8. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Hello WTBS, I so understand what you mean about sizes, plus I am waiting for the day when I too can wear (comfortably) jeans that dont stretch! Although, TBH i do prefer them as they dont seem to sag so much! I think binning the 16's is a way off, I just got lucky today!!

    I am enjoying clothes shopping a little too much tho!! The bank balance is currently takinga bit of a hammering, what with the cost of LL etc!! Shame LL dont do a clothes swap so we dont have to outlay quite as much as we decrease!!

    Also, I so agree with you about the smock tops! Just when I want to wear stuff that is a bit more fitted, along come the 70's all over again!!!
  9. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    Congratulations, doesnt it feel amazing!? I have a slight problem now that I can shop anywhere... I am addicted to shopping ( I couldnt stand it before) and as a consequence am now not only forking out for my weekly diet stuff but also loads of new clothes, shoes etc! OOOOOOPS!!! :D
  10. scooper

    scooper Full Member

    Began with LL, now CD
    I find it hard not to shop, but I've been a good girl and only shop at Tesco and Asda right now.

    Way to go on getting into a size sixteen. You should post some pictures!
  11. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I might just do that! Mind you, I am in week 14 now and still havent had sight of my before LL photo, in group! I am not sure if I really want to either, as I recently saw a video of myself at my daughters 8th birthday party, which was in Feb, just before I started LL, and OMG was it grim...

    I cant beleive how totally vile and huge I looked and I cant quite get my head round the fact that just maybe I am not quite that bad anymore!
  12. scooper

    scooper Full Member

    Began with LL, now CD
    That's how I feel about my before and after pictures of Foundation. I was just amazed that I didn't realize how I looked and I will forever bury those pictures except the one on the fridge to remind me where I have come from and where I am going.
  13. Betty Boo

    Betty Boo Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Well done to all you ladies and men that are slipping into the smaller clothes. What a great feeling that it is all worthwhile and seeing a different you look back in the mirror :scale:

  14. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Thats fab news, well done! Its really hard being so between sizes & can totally relate to the disapp of not being able to get into size 18's! I thought I was but no, still 20 :( but will be SOON and so will you! Those new jeans will be in the bin before you know it! Our does a clothes swap - could you suggest it to yours maybe? Well done though, thats fab and can totally relate to not wanting to shop i fat shops! I am NEVER, EVER, going to buy anything in evans again even if that meas waiting a while for new anything!
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