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Size 16!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Mellie, I'm five six and was fourteen and a half stone at size 16, I'm eleven ten now and wearing a 12 xx you'll be in them in no time xx
thanks guys lol i started a size 24 now a tightish 22 but can get them done up lol but lost 22lb so wondering about sizes as i always thought 1 stone was about a dress size but some others have said it's 2 stone to a dress size lol so don't know which is right!!!!


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I'm constantly surprised watching programmes on telly people who weigh much more than me being the same size or people weighing much less than me being bigger, you soon learn to try on in different shops hee hee xx


Goodbye Tum
My great tip mellie is get to a charity shop, buy some smaller sizes then keep trying them on every week it's amazing how they soon fit and it doesnt' cost loads either. I get great per una jeans (they're always a great fit) for about three or four pounds!!!


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last CD trip i lost just under 6st, started at a size 24 & went to a 16, although wasn't too far off a 14 (maybe another 1/2 st)
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I find Dorothy Perkins sizes are generous as are monsoon and Tescos are really good if you don't want to spend a lot on clothes while you are still shrinking. I can actually get into a pair of size 16 jeans I got from Tescos even now, although they are very tight (don't have to lie down to do them up though).
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Hi Mellie

Can't remember exact weights but I did find when I was bigger I needed to lose more weight to drop a dress size, as I got smaller I went down the sizes alot quicker. Someone once posted about the Ed principle (sorry can't remember who), think of yourself as a kitchen roll and every sheet as 1lb, when you first start one sheet only goes a small way round the roll, but as the roll gets smaller each sheet wraps further round it until it goes round a couple of times, ie the smaller you get the more noticeable the lbs you lose are, if you see what I mean!

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That explains why people used to stay that they'd put on a few lbs and they could really feel it and I would go up half a stone before I noticed!

I'm 5ft 3 and still a 16 in places on top - until I get round to the reduction surgery!!


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For quite a few years, I was a size 16 at around 12.5 - 13stones at 5ft 5, obviously a lose 16 at 12.5 and tight 16 at 13 lol


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I've just bought myself a size 16 pair of jeans from matalan and they fit :) I'm 5ft 8 and currently weigh 13st. they're a little tight around the waist, but not too bad.. but my old 18's were so huge on me that I'm putting up with the tightness!!
most of my size 16 skirts (which I already had) fit really nicely as well!


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Well I am 5' 11' and I got into and promptly bought a pair of size 18 jeans today (still in shock!!) I am currently 17st 9lbs.
Weird thing is, the last time I was this weight I was in a size 22. I started at a size 22(tight) and 21st (well 20st 13lbs....it all makes a difference!!) so it has been just over 3st to drop 2 dress sizes....(oh, by the way...got into and bought a size 14 cardigan...again, still in shock!)
I'm 13st 1lb at the moment and not quite into a size 16 yet. I think I need to lose another 7bs to be a comfortable 16.

From experience I need to lose 1½-2 stone per dress size, so I should be just into a size 12 at 10 stone:) I started at 15stone 2lb's and a (very) tight size 18, and now 2 stone down, 18's are too big but 16's too small.

I'm 5 foot 6.
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I am now 14 stone I am 5 feet 5 inches and I'm a size tight 16s.


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i'm 5ft 5'' and 13.5 - 14st I was a tight 16 (18's too big)


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I'm 5' 3" and 13.9, I started at 15.5 and was a size 20. Now I'm a roomy size 18....hopefully by the time I'm in my 12's I'll be a size 16........I think the last time I was in a size 16 was about 10 years ago now.......

I'm going to my cousins wedding at the beginning of August and my mum and sister are already choosing their outfits....I can't at the moment as I have no idea what size I will be by then....ideally I'll be at my goal wight and a lush size 10/12....but anything can happen so I daren't buy anything right now! lol!