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Skin while doing sw and those that have had children!

Hi Ladies hope your all ok?

Just wondering how your body shapes up when your on SW? After having my daughter my body is awful, overhang belly, back fat you name i have it. Will it shrink or will i need to do exercise to? Im not expecting miracles but when i look through the SW magazine every person seems to have perfectly flat bellys after being rather large around the middle?

Em x
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Strutting her stuff
exercise and toning are they way to go I think but a lot is down to the individual
  • age
  • weight lost
  • how long it took to lose it
  • genetics
  • skin elasticity etc
I know lots of people shrink back to a flat tummy after having a baby - alas I was not one of them.

After I had my first I lost 5 stone 4 and got to a size 10. Unfortunately, the more weight I lost, the saggier the skin on my tummy became.
If you have a bit too much padding but your skin looks ok over the top of it (iykwim) you'll be fine but I'd exercise if you can anyway as an insurance policy!
If you really want to avoid loose skin as you lose weight, you need to moisturise really well and do some exercise including some weight bearing to help you tone up.

Even doing everything right you could still end up with loose skin. I know it's a copout but everyone is different, and someone might do none of the things mentioned and still not end up with loose skin.

Good luck.
Hiya Em, firstly congrats on your new arrival!

I had my daughter 8 months ago now and after having lost 3st since she was born the 'Belly' (and other areas) have shrunk but it's still a pain. The overhang is not as bad as it used to be but it is still flabby and I think the only way to rectify that is by excercise.

Just remember to give your body plenty of time to heal after the birth, maybe check with your doc or midwife? Good luck x
I have had 2 c sections so I do have a tum, which I think without plastic surgery will never be flat! However it is reducing.......I like to think my scar is a reminder of the 2 beautiful boys I produced...with a little help from hubby!!!!
Good luck
Julie xx
Hi ladies thanks for the responses! Hi CornishTT, alas shes not a new arrival, shes 14 months now :-o!! I tried so hard to stick to the plan last year but i just didnt have the patience, energy or motivation to stick to it. I lost a stone but have put it back on. I want to loose 5 stone, 2 to get back to prepregnancy and then the rest. I want to TTC number 2 in october so want to be at a sensible weight especially if it takes me so long to loose it again. I think im going to try and go spinning again, i ought to go out for more walks but my daughter hates being in the pram now miss independant! x
Ahh i have the same problem.

I had my daughter via sunroof 17 months ago. I have 2 tummys lol (what i call a B tummy!!) and know that i may lose weight, the tummies probs wont go without excersize.

I do sit ups every night and will be doing wii fit most nights when LO has gone to bed!
Only place I have suffered from lose skin is my boobs! :(
Bless, I know how you feel when you say you didn't have the energy, patience or motivation! Time moves different when you have kids, it whizzes by at top notch speed!

I think spinning will kick that overhang's butt into touch! Do you have time to go to the gym in the evenings after LO has gone to bed, is there anyone who can watch her?

It might help if you set yourself a ticker challange to complete x exercise sessions by x date. I found that has spurred me on a bit (tho I haven't done anything in a while, I'd better movin'!). x
I think i could get a sitter two nights a week, my OH doesnt get home till 7:30 most nights. Im starting sw properly again this week, i cant afford to go to class but luckily i have a friend who is going to do it with me so hopefully keep us motivated x
My youngest is now 16 months and I haven't had it in me to exercise either. DD hates the pushchair too so walking is out of the question and don't have enough child free time to justify a gym membership!

I got my Wii fit out last night ( for the first time in over 700 days it reminded me) and couldn't believe how quickly half an hour flew by! I'm going to try and get on it as often as poss now!!
I have 2 daughters, a 4 year old and my youngest is 1 on Saturday. My tummy is not too bad there are a few stretch marks but they are not really noticeable at all i don't think. I have had a problem with the very bottom of it near my bikini line which is like a little 'pouch' so i am doing lots of lower tummy exercises (find them on youtube, on exercise dvds, anywhere really, the 30 Day Shred has amazing ones) to lift it. Did this after my first child and it worked a treat and made a big improvement.

Exercise is a must for everyone i say.
I have 3 children and my stomach is a mess. I lost weight 2 years ago and got so paranoid about baggy skin I gave up, and you guessed it I have put it all back on plus more.

I am starting class tomorrow but going to do exercise this time. I have 5 stone to lose before August if possible as going to Spain. Got my WII fit ready and ordered a new fitness game.

Good luck and keep going x
Yep - not looking like a 20 something these days, but I figure anyone who gets close enough to see shouldn't be thinking about those bits and should concentrate on your smile.....
thanks for all the replys, i didnt have a great Pre-pregnacy body but it was better than it is now. I will just try my best, and hopefully exercising alongside sw will hopefully give me a much needed energy boost x

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