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I bet the title will make people think I want to know what will happen to my skin as I lose weight, but i'm not asking that! :p

Has anyone else found that this diet has done wonders for their skin? It must be all the water and vits but I haven't had to moisturize since starting! Before I got my TOTM, my facial skin looked so clear and good (maybe with a little help from a vegan company). Even just the skin alone has made me feel wonderful, never mind the weight loss!
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Been liberated by Exante!
Agree totally, skin, hair, nails, teeth, gums, joints, everything better on Exante

Nope, sorry, can't say i have. But then i confess i never drink water, only black coffee. Still the weight loss is still happening :)
I forgot about my nails too, they're so much stronger and don't break as easily as they used to. They also look a lot whiter at the tips. I always struggled to get calcium in as I don't drink milk due to an allergy so I think when I eventually come off exante, I should try and find a way of getting all these RDA's into me!
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Nope, sorry, can't say i have. But then i confess i never drink water, only black coffee. Still the weight loss is still happening :)
glad I'm not the only one with the serious coffee habit.

and I'd say the same, no better, no worse.

my hair is in terrible condition though, exceedingly dry. I'm drowning it in conditioner and I really don't wash it regularly at all now, because it goes like straw when I do. I think the new slim me will be looking for a drastic haircut at the end of this diet. I could take about a foot off my hair and still wear it up though.
I've certainly noticed my nails are so much better. They grow faster and stronger. My hair I think may be worse, although it may be that I just need a haircut and a conditioning treatment.
How are you doing this with a milk allergy? I think all the products are based on milk powder?

And yes, it's great how fantastic skin is on this diet :)
I think its okay due to the fact that its dry and not fresh actual milk. When I drink plain milk, I go a bit red like when i've had a couple of glasses of wine and then start feeling really sick and get sharp pains in my stomach. I don't know whether its an allergy or an intolerance to something in milk, its never been formally diagnosed. I went to the doctors when I was young with my mum about it and the doctor just told me to avoid drinking milk. So far so good with exante though! No sickness, redness or pain! :D
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My skin has been really clear since starting this diet, although I can tell when I have had a minor blip (ie eating something naughty) because I have a mini break out of spots. My nails are still the same flimsy things they used to be :( my hair and scalp is a lot better though :D
How long did it take for your skin to get better? x
At about day 5/6 but then i got my totm and ended up breaking out. At the moment though, my skin all over feels so soft and my nails have stopped chipping and breaking. I think it might be a combination of the increased water intake and all the vits.

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