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hi there
im definately sleeping better. i'm finding it more difficult to get out of bed in the morning, but i hadn't really thought about linking it to LL, maybe it is?

i do feel loads better all round since doing LL

daisy x
I found to begin with that I was getting tired much earlier than normal without the sugar-boosts to keep me awake, but that on the flip side getting up in the morning was much easier.

Now, I'm tired around midnight, and getting up at 6.30am is a breeze as I feel like I've had all the sleep I need!


Making it all add up
Yup me too

Stopped snoring within 48hrs of going onto LL (wife even woke me up a couple of times in the early weeks to check I wasn't dead - LOL). Did feel more naturally tied & started to go to bed earlier - also helped as late night snacking was one of my biggest problems!

No issues getting up in the morning though, but I still have to get out of bed at least twice in the night for the loo! (never had to before).
I'm suprised to hear so many people have to get up for the loo in the night, guess I'm the odd one out for always sleeping right through!


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The reason I was asking was that I felt wiped out yesterday and was tucked up in bed for 8.30pm!!! :zz:Although leapt out bed this morning at 6.30am, usually I am very much a night owl.

It is really interesting to see everyones experiences. My OH would certainly be delighted if my snoring disappears!!:woohoo:


Is back in the saddle!
... but I go like a race horse through the night, oh well small price to pay.


One assumes you could possibly mean peeing here.

Is that what he meant? I was wondering if there was another side effect I hadn't been aware of!


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.............like doing the 5.30 at Kempton!!! LOL :p
...was wondering why he was called 'bigboy'!! ;););)
yeah, i agree with the rest of you. Bed usually by 11pm which is early for me and then wide awake at 5.30-6am ready to run a marathan. :)

Week 1 - lost 7lbs
Week 2 - lost 4lbs


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My sleep is definitely of a better quality, in that I only have to wash my hair every other day since I started LL - previously I tossed and turned (nothing to do with BB I hasten to add!!!) and woke up looking like a scarecrow :) I think a lot of that is down to not drinking wine at all. I can definitely sleep for longer now as well!

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