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slendertone is brill


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hi guys i recieved my slendertone gym plus ab belt 3 days ago:) its so painfullbut relaxing i fell asleep with it on last nite love it love it love it!!! has anyone got one and do you use it more than once a day coz i cant resist? my stomache hurts but the pain of the belt is sooo exileratin if you no what i meean
its a nice pain thow!!:silly:
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I love em :D

Anyone else get tingles when they are not wearing the belt ?

It's almost as if my stomach muscles are remembering what they are there for lol


on the up lol
i have a ab belt but not slendertone one,
mine says wear it every day for 2 weeks to see the results ,
then twice a week there after , (think thats if ya slim lol) :p


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i think i might have to invest in one of these they sound great!

how much are they? x


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i think i might have to invest in one of these they sound great!

how much are they? x
think reg ones bout 50 quid.but got mine off ebay for £29 its gymbody one dont think theres any difference!!it was a buy it now there was a few you should go on and have a look,
happy toning xx


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I've ordered a gymbody...it was dispatched Friday...Hopefully I'll receive it today!! I'm excited now.


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Think I will get myself one of them!


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we ordered ours at the same time im sure of it, your the one who told me about it hun mine came frid xxx
My brother ordered his two days after me and has rec'd his. I phoned this morning and I should get it today or tomorrow.


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off she runs to read instructions.


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thanks redhead woll have a look x
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Loving the Ab and Arms, just bought the Mini for my bum too..... addicted!!!

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Oh I tried my slendertone belt on saturday for the first time... i did HOURS this weekend... upper abs, middle, lower, then I got the arm thing too, did about an hour on my arms and maybe about 7 hours of tummy spread out over the weekend!!!!!!!!! lol

But i feel totally fine. :D

I was actually thinking of doing it in work also - as im in the office loads on my own now as my sales team are out on the road.. i can sit and buzz away to my hearts content!

Such a lovely feeling.... very addictive!

PORG! I was thinking about getting the mini or shorts also - but think i will need to loose a stone to fit into the small one and dont want to buy the larger size as it will fall off me in a month! ;) lolxx

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hiya, not sure what size I bought... oops will have a look on the box!

Just to sound a note of caution, I googled overuse of Slendertone and there are warnings that it can damage your central nervous system if you overuse it so be careful guys and gals xx


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Advice guys....I've just done my first session with the slendertone gymbody plus. First I did 25 mins on full power (so I think that is 99...it doesnt have a number like the other belts. Basically you keep upping the levels til three lights come on)...not bad so I did setting two on full power (40/45mins). It felt strange and I felt it contracting big time, but I didnt feel pain. Is it supposed to hurt. I used to have fantastic ab's, but nowadays they are bobbins. I'm wondering if they are stronger then I think!!! Plus I didnt get a red mark under the pads after use. What do you recon guys?
Just read this on another forum:

"My wife's sister overdone it with the slendertone and lost control of her bowels. Must be something to do with the stomach muscles massaging the intestines. So unless you are constipated I wouldn't overdo it"

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