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Slight Change of Plan


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We received wonderful news on New Years Day that our Daughter has got Engaged :lilkiss: :love047:

We're thrilled of course, but her Fiance has arranged for us to arrive next Saturday afternoon (all as a complete surprise for Jenny!) to meet his parents and then either a party, or go out to dinner. This is up in Edinburgh, so will involve an overnight stay, and Champagne etc.
As a result, I've had to start ANOTHER re-feed at the end of week 1 of my re-start after Christmas!! :party0036:
I've decided, after speaking to Jo at the Chemist, to do 2 Maintainance products and a small protien based meal from today, until Sunday, when we travel back to Liverpool again.
Hopefully, :fingerscrossed: I can still lose some weight during the week, and if I don't have lots of carbs at the "do", come back lighter, or at worst, the same weight.
So, hey-ho for re-start number 3 next Sunday!! :( (but for a really wonderful reason!)
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Congrats on your daughter's engagement! We'll all be here waiting for you when you come back!x


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Awww go enjoy it, you've planned it for it to work and then full steam ahead ready for the wedding!
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Good luck hun. Just a thought, if you are sticking to protein based meals, why not have LT shakes rather than maintenance they have carbs in them? Just thinking you could stay in ketosis that way.

Congratulations to your daughter.



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Thanks Nicki, Shivers, Loulouless and Cuddlyfairy,
CF, I need to be out of ketosis, so I can have the Champagne and wine! :party0036:
I thought I'd be better on two Maintainance meals and a small protien meal in the run up to Saturday, as it's easier to control, and less opportunity to overdo it or cheat! :innocent0002:
Plus, I'll slide back to TFR a bit easier on Sunday (well that's the theory!)


This year is my year....
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sounds good! Just think, you'll have a Wedding to aim for when you start back with us. You'll be a yummy mummy of the bride for her big day!!!!xxxx

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That sounds ideal if you can stick to it, if not dont worry enjoy and restart Monday.XX
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thats lovely news Cathy, enjoy the weekend keep an eye on what you are eating and you'll be fine you know how it works so i'm sure you;ll have no problem getting back on track

xx sharron


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Fab news hun
Go & enjoy & am sure you will be fine with 2 shakes & a meal.
& just think how gorgeous you will look at the wedding
Good luck
Cathy, you're so controlled that I think you're doing the right thing. You've not much to lose now so you could do maintenance or LT during the day for a few weeks and low carb/fat/meal at night, no problem. You'll shrink, no problem, more slowly than on TFR as you know, but if you can control yourself - and you can - I don't see anything wrong with doing what you're planning to do.

A lot of people don't agree with it, but I'm living proof that if you can hack it, it works. You still have the discipline of LT without full blown ketosis but then you can slip back into ketosis if you choose to.

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