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Slightly ot - boyfriend working away, affecting my eating

Hi everyone, i have been on this site quite a while now but i am more of a lurker than a poster.

Anyway my boyfriend is working away for a few months and although he has only been gone a week it is the longest we have been apart for the whole of our 7 years together.

I have found myself wanting a cigarette even though i gave up years ago (smoke the odd puff when drunk with other smokers) and due to not wanting to start again i am hankering after food. Due to wanting to lose weight i am hardly eating rather than starting the pattern of comfort eating. I know i need to eat sensibly but i feel stuck in a rut.

I have shocked myself with how much i miss him and i actually feel lonely which i didn't think i would.

Not sure why i am posting this, not sure what replies i am expecting so i suppose it is a bit of a rant/vent more than anything!!!!!
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Hey hunny!

i totally get you. My OH has to work away alot, sometimes for a few days, somtimes for a week, somtimes longer. and usually its all last minute as his company don't seem to have the ability to give anyone ample time to be prepared lol.

i absoloutly hate it and quite often, it affects my eating too. I crave things because i'm bored, and its easy to get carried away.. and funnily enough, i often think of smoking again.. and i quit a year ago! lol. so i totally get you.

iv learnt to have massively filling and exciting foods on hand in fridge/freezer for those comfort eat moments. small packs of buttons (4syns) always do the trick for a chocky fix, lots of yogs.. and if im desperate but don't want to resort to a take away.. try tescos pizza base mix (10.5) syns.. top with passata and your fave toppings and make loads of slimmingworld chips. it was good, so when everyone ate dominoes i managed to treat myself and keep the syns low.

Joes never been away for a few months all at once, so i can only imagine how difficult it must be for you. But try and stay strong and avoid the fags and naughty food, but if you do.. don't beat yourself up about it, gotta give yourself a break every now and then, trying to shift weight is difficult enough, let alone being away from your OH at the same time.

((hugs to you))

know how you feel, especially when you spend a lot of time with someone. try and find something to keep you occupied, ive just started painting again but anything really, maybe try to get some body magic in?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You're lonely and bored a fatal combination! If I had treats in the fridge I would be prowling into the kitchen looking for them! You must do some planning, and occupy your time!
There must be something that you've been meaning to get around to doing but never had the time? Now you have! It could be going to the gym, a nightclass, decorating, meeting up with old friends.
Plan your meals out for the week and stick to them. Eat up to your limits on syns and free food so you're always full.
Write a diary, learn to knit! Get Xmas sorted while he's away. And no you're not being silly, you're just not used to being on your own!

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