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Slim by Summer!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by CJ32, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Hello all,

    I have been reading some minimins posts and decided to start a weight loss diary of my own! I'm hoping it will help keep me motivated.

    I started Slimming world on the 27th November. I haven't tried lots of different diets, some either great and fast weight loss.. But it never stays off. I have lost 2 and a half stone on Atkins, but I could only last a few weeks before having a few weeks off eating all the yummy carbs I was craving!

    So far I have found slimming world the best and easiest diet to follow! It doesn't even feel like a diet, you get treats :D

    I have just got my 1/2 stone award :) so I'm feeling motivated to carry on now.

    Today I was to busy to have breakfast.
    Lunch 2 slices of whole meal bread HX B, scrambled egg, beans and cheese HX A.

    i have been snacking on grapes to. I am going to make Biriyani for tea tonight from the SW curry recipe book. I am being much more adventurous with my food and cooking "real" things!

    I would like to be my target weight by the summer.. So wish me luck :)
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  3. julez77

    julez77 Member

    Hi well done on your half stone loss, I started sw from home on friday so on my 3rd day, ive done swbfre and it does work I lost 2 stone but put it all on again now grrrr x
  4. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Hi julez77 :)

    Thank you!

    How is your first week going? I was down to 10stone 12lbs before.. Then I had convinced myself I could eat anything again.. Then before I knew it I was up to 11stone 10!! I am determined to loose it and keep it off this time.
  5. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Hello CJ32 and welcome to Minimins. Good luck with your weight loss journey. It sounds like you are very motivated and have made a great start!
  6. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

  7. julez77

    julez77 Member

    Hicj yea its been going ok i weigh in tommorow so im hoping for a decent weight loss for week one x hows your week been x
  8. fat2go

    fat2go Full Member

    Looking forward to seeing (or hearing) how you've done
  9. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Hi all,

    Sorry it's been a few days since I last posted! I have been poorly this week and really busy with work. Glad it's now the weekend!

    I went to my weigh in on Weds... I put on 1.5lbs! I was very disappointed, but i put this down to being poorly and not eating and drinking enough. So this has motivated me more for this week. I want that extra 1.5lbs gone!

    My mission is to eat more super free and drink more. I have managed to fit a lot of fruit in yesterday and today and snuck some extra veg in my meals.

    today I have had..

    2 x kiwi fruits and a banana for breakfast
    mug shot macaroni cheese, banana and raspberry muller light for lunch
    grapes for a snack
    chilli and rice for team with added peppers, green beans and brocolli!

    i also decided that my portions are to big. So I bought myself a pasta bowl to eat out of. I have quite big plates so I hope this helps. I need to learn to stop eating when I'm hungry.. Not when my plate is empty!

    how is everyone else's week going?

    i am going to plan out my meals for the week and shop tomorrow. So any nice recipe ideas let me know :)
  10. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Hi Julez77

    How did weigh in go?? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  11. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Morning all,

    How have your weeks gone so far?

    I am still on my mission! Still not feeling 100% but getting there.

    I went to do my shopping yesterday, got lots of yummy sw things. I spent my afternoon batch cooking. I made a big batch of bolognese that I have frozen in portions, I made some Moroccan meatballs in a spicey tomato sauce (from the sw website) I have frozen that. Then I made a chicken curry and rice for tea. That was yummy! I feel prepared for the week ahead. I like having meals in the freezer, so I can just heat them up after work if I don't feel like cooking.

    Here's a question for you all. How many syns do you have a day? I can't seem to get my brain to think of them as something I can have and not bad things! I know having them won't harm my weight loss.. It's just trying to get my head round it all!

    i am really hoping for a big loss this week.. Or at least loosing the gain that I had last week.

    i have been all about the super free this week lol

    breakfast/brunch chopped banana, mango, grapes and a fat free mango yogurt.
  12. julez77

    julez77 Member

    Hi cj I lost 6 pound on my first weigh in 2nd one was today and I stayed the same little dissapointed but il c wat happens next week x how u going?
  13. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Hi. Jules,

    Wow 6lbs! That's amazing well done you! Try not to be disappointed, you didn't gain, so that's nearly as good a loss. Next weeks should get a nice loss again.

    I lost 1.5lb this week.. Phew only .5 off my lowest again, so I'm hoping for a 2lb loss this week!i have been poorly again all week. So just been having easy food, but still on plan.

    How are you finding the SW plan?
  14. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Well I am being a bit rubbish at keeping this updated!

    I get so distracted with everyone else's diary so and posts lol

    Well tomorrow is WI.. eek! I get so nervous about those scales! Which is funny.. Because I choose to go and get weighed lol no one is going to be disappointed in me, but myself! But yet the pressure is still on.. But every WI is a week closer to our final goal and won't that be an amazing day to step on those scales!

    I have been very good all week, lots and lots of super free. I have been keeping a Food diary and it's nice to look at the end of the day and see all that super free :) I think I am finally getting the hang of this!

    Today I have discovered.. Cake in a mug.. One word.. Wow! Cake is back and only 2 syns and takes 2 mins so all in all it's like a dream cake LOL if anyone wants the recipe let me know. I found it on the SW website. I shall bet trying lots of flavours!

    How has everyone's week gone? Good I hope.

    Good luck with your weigh ins!
  15. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Aww, i wish there was a way to share a thread between two people. We could have a joint one. I wonder if it is possible to change the name of a thread.
  16. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Yes I seem to post so much more in yours lol
  17. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Well a nice 2lbs off this week! So happy with that! I will continue to fill in my food diary this week, it helps me stay on track.

    I got some feedback on last weeks.. My group leader said it was a lovely food diary lots of super free.. But I can have more! Lol she's telling me to eat more?! I can't get my head round this lol

    SW really works! :)
    Wishing everyone a lovely loss this week!
  18. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Well done you!
    Did your leader say why you should eat more?
  19. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Thanks LJ :)

    she said..

    Nice amount of free and super free, but remember it is unlimited so maybe increase it??
  20. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi - just found ur thread CJ - as u'll have noticed from the likes I given you - it's been an interesting read!

    Know what you mean about LJ's thread though - I've decided to post my food diary there and stop posting on my blog - I started that as a newbie for keeping my food diary - but that's all it is - so too boring to be called a blog and now only doubles up on what I say on LJ's thread!
  21. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    Lol I totally agree Upndown!

    I will try and post on here to, but I just forget lol

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