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Slim Fast diet help

Hello Minismins frens :sign0144:

I've just started the slim fast diet today and Just wanted to know a few things about the diet :confused:. Hopefully someone out there can help me.

  • Can Soya Milk be used instead of cows milk as I am slighty lactose intolerant

  • Can fruit such as bananas or low fat yoghurts be used to make the shake thicker or will this mess up the plan?
I used soya milk today and had no problems with the shakes but on the tin it recommends that you use :airquote:skimmed milk:airquote: . I think soya is much more filling plus I used a banana too......twas very tasty indeed...hmmm :D

I sent a message to the slim fast company but still no reply. I would be very grateful for advice on this.

Many thanks
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Has to be soy milk if you can't drink cow's milk but can you get a lowfat or skimmed version of soy? If not soy it is but you have to count the extra calories towards your daily snack/calorie allowance.

Same with the banana's Yuu can add them in but have to count the extra cals too you you risk leaving yourself nothing to snack on. And remember SF is ultimately supposed to train you into feeling satisfied with less and snacking healthily throughout day so you may not want to bulkout your shakes too much.

Good luck
Hey Goreygirl, thanks for that. I don't use any fruit now, I just did it on the first day. I still use soya milk but I don't think there's much difference as calories are not that much higher.

Thanks for your advise
Glad to be of help :)

Good luck with it. Have you read the tips on how to make your shakes longer? Blending with ice? Adding coffee and hot water?
Ohh...I will defo look at that it sounds very interesting. Thanks Goreygirl, your a star ;)

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