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I'm currently doing WW, actually i'm currently failing at WW. I'm thinking about trying slim fast, i have only had the ready made shakes and don't really like them (which is a prob) I found them too sweet, Do the powders taste better?

I've tried celebrity slim and i do like the shakes but i can't cope with the low carb dealy. Does slim fast really work? i don't no anyone who's ever done it. I'm off to check out the slim fast website and see if i can find inspiration xx
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I started Slim Fast today and tasted the strawberry shake for the first time. I actually liked it and didn't find it too sweet. I will be trying the vanilla flavour tomorrow. The Slim Fast snacks are also very nice.
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hi, i came to slim fast from atkins and lost 2lb in my first week.
try mixing the shakes. i do one scoop cafe latte and one scoop choc. tastes divine :D


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Give it a go. I actually tried WW and lost nothing even though i stuck to it 100%. So far on SF i've lost 5lbs in 3 weeks. You've nothing to lose but the weight!


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maybe you need to persevere with the shakes i dislikes milkshakes when i went on SF but i persevered now im very happy to drink them wether it be ready made or the powders
Hi I started it Monday after getting fed up on SW I feel great already. I don't like shakes so I've Bern having the SF meal bars.
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I think it's all about finding what flavour you like, when I first started I tried the raspberry flavour first and I thought it was disgusting, but then I tried the vanilla one and I absolutely LOVE the vanilla flavour. Cafe Latte flavour is also very nice, I find that it's not as sweet as the other two i've tried. Or if you really don't like the shakes you could try having the meal bars instead :)


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As above, stick with it, you get used to the flavour!!

I think it really amkes a difference how you make them, a blender is a munst-have for me, it means you can properly blend the powder and milk and can add ice
and get them really well
mixed and smooth!! Also, if sweetness is an issue for you, you can add other calorie-free ingredients, eg. I add instant coffee granules to the chocolate to tone it down and make a mocha!!

Experiment and bear with it, it could work out quite expensive if you only have the ready mixed shakes!!

Good luck

:) Rhi :)


Now Maintaining :)
S: 11st8lb C: 8st1lb G: 8st1lb BMI: 19.4 Loss: 3st7lb(30.25%)
I think it really amkes a difference how you make them
This is so true. When my mum was on the Slim Fast diet years ago, she only used a spoon to mix the powder and it always came out lumpy and tasted disgusting.

I used the Tony Ferguson shaker to make the shake this morning and it came out smooth with no lumps. Tasted great too!

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